Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Lerwick Shetland

During our last trip we did another place that is in our blood, and that we  wanted to visit for many years.
The fishermen of Noordwijk and Katwijk  and Scheveningen went every year herring fishing near Lerwick.
Our Grandfather went there as well as a seventeen year old boy.
He told us many a time about his big adventure.
He fell ill with typhoid and could not stay on the vessel he came on The SCH 352.
This happened on the 25th Of June 1898.

It was even in The Shetland Times.Almost 100 hundred years ago.
Shetland Times 25 juni 1898

Shetland Times - Saturday 27 August 1898

The Dutch vicar L van der Valk , who felt sorry for the lad ,took care of him and placed him in the hospital and later took care of him in his own house.
On the 27th of August he was allowed to return home.
The minister was there to take care of the 3000-4000 Dutch fishermen that visited Lerwick.He stated that there was hardley any drunken or misbehaving Dutchmen .

He went then with our grandfather back on the ss  St Rognvald .

SS St Rognvald
SS St Rognvald
The trip back to Holland could not done  by herringship, but had to be done by ferry and  overland.
So they went this wayfrom Lerwick to Aberdeen and from there  to London.
And there Grandpa told us this remarkable story.....
I had to go to the toilet and there was not one .
"so I had to do it in some bushes"
However I was spotted by a Bobby .
Who told me "that will cost you a pound".
I replied.... looking at what I produced.....You can take that pound .There is more then enough there...
Grandpa did not go to sea anymore but worked in the bulbfields instead.
The fishermen brought back not only the herring but also Staffordshire flatback dogs and peppermint.

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