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St Michaels at Plea

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The church is medieval. The church was restored in 1887 when a partition separating the chancel from the nave was removed, and new windows were inserted in the Transepts. The box pews were replaced with chairs and the angels in the roof were gilded.

The church purchased an organ dating from 1887 by Norman and Beard. A specification of the organ can be found on the National Pipe Organ Register.
Present use

At present it is a bookshop and café.

Ray wrote to Find A Grave for pictures of the graveyard and received this answer.

Greetings from Find A Grave,

We are writing to let you know that a Find A Grave volunteer has reported a problem with your photo request for Jerome Vlieland.

The general problem they reported is:
I searched the entire cemetery and could not find the grave

They also reported, specifically:
Saint Michael at Plea is in the centre of Norwich, there are now only a couple of tombs in the churchyard, no other headstones etc.

Your photo request is still active and has not been removed. Hopefully, another contributor can fulfill your request. If you can fix the problems that were reported or have additional information that might help a volunteer photographer, please delete this request and create a new one, adding the additional information you have.

Link to your photo requests:

Link to memorial page for Jerome Vlieland:

Link to contributor reporting error:

Find A Grave

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