Sunday, 24 September 2017

A Rhyme Sheet of Other Lands

A Rhyme Sheet of Other Lands
by Hugh Chesterman

The Japanese have funny things
For dinner, so they say;
The tails of fish and dragon's wings
Are eaten every day.

Of all the men who search for gold,
Some find as much of it
As both their restless hands can hold,
And others ne'er a bit.

I think this picture here shall be
The famous river Nile
And, lying near the bank, you see
The curious crocodile.

The Greeks of old were wise and skilled,
What wonders they could do!
What towns and temples they could build,
And stately houses, too!

Now every child in China knows
The way to spell and write with speed;
From right to left the writing goes—
It must be very hard indeed!

I'd love to go to Switzerland,
Although the air is colder:
There's little doubt that it's a land
I'll go to when I'm older.

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