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medical news

April 8, 1876. MEDICAL NEWS. ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND.-The following gentlemen passed their primary examinations in anatomy and physiology at a meeting of the Board of Examiners on the 3rd instant; and, when eligible, will be admitted to the pass-examination. Messrs. Warwick L. Child, Charles R. Graham, Alfred E. Chambers, and Hector Leak, students of the Manchester School; Thomas L. Hall, Samuel A. Welch, George J. Lloyd, and Alfred Swann, of the Birm.lingham School; John D. T. Reckitt, Percy Close, Edward C. Thompson, and Godfrey Carter, of the Leeds School ; Thomas H. Bickerton, Charles E. Steele, Thomas Ml. Porter, and William H. Owen, of the Liverpool School; Charles Mc J. Goyder, William J. Sweet, Thomas M. Young, and Joseph E. Gofton, of the Newcastle School; Henry L. Gilbert, William F. Scott, and Alex. D. Blackader, of the McGill School; Milton M. Tucker, and Donald B. Fraser, of the Toronto School Alfred Patron, of the Montpellier School; David WV. B. Wilkie, of the Melbourne School; Vere G. Webb, of the GlasgoNv School; Charles B. Carter, of St. George's Hospital Henry J. Skelding, of University College; and Wm. W. Edwardes, of St. Mlary's Hospital. At this meeting, the lately elected member of the Board, Mr. John Whitaker Hulke, F. R. S., took his seat as an examiner. The following gentlemen passed on the 4th instant. Messrs. Richard C. Birch, Arthur W. Cadman, Frederick Wilson, James Deakin, William F. Chadwick, John T. Faulkner, and John Hodgson, students of the Mar.chester School; L. Frederick Cox, Valenitine Matthews, and Charles E. Baddeley, of King's College; Leonard A. Hine, Albert S. McCausland, and Edward A. Fardon, of the Middlesex Hospital; Wm. M. Ball, and Wm. M. Batson, of St. Bartholomew's Hospital: Gordon B. WV. MIessum, and John F. Tabb, of Guy's Hospital; Richard Margerison, B.A.Cantab., and Frederick N. Ozanne, of St. George's Hospital; Robert P. Smith, and Mlark P. Ml. Collier, of St Thomas's Hospital ; Frederick B. Fisher, and John Ml. Atkinson, of the London Hospital; George H. Hetherington, and Henry Pearce, of St. Mary's Hospital; John H. Vinrace, of the Birmingham School; Wm. E. L. Batly, of the Liverpool School; Alfred A. Lendon, of University College; and Horace Elliott, of the Westminster Hospital. The following gentlemen passed on the 5th instant. Messrs. Charles J. Bamber, George H. Patterson, Newcome W. Bourns, Albert W. Graham, Charles J. Vlieland, Charles B. Lockwood, and George W. P. Dennys, students of St. Bartholomew's Hospital; John S. Hall, William E. Woodman, Henry J. Michael, George A. Macdonald, John Shaw, and Hutton Castle, of St. Thomas's Hospital; Marmaduke J. Hart, Edward J. Morlev, Thomas XV. Fuller, Robert Parry, and Alfred E. Mlaylard, of Guy's Hospital ; James S. N. Boyd, and Bilton Pollard, of University College; Edwvd. Jennings, and Wm. A. Shann, of St. George's Hospital: Morton A. Smale, of St. 'Mary's Hospital; John M. D. Stewart, of the Aliddlesex Hospital; and George A. Batchelor, of the London Hospital. APOTHECARIES' HALL. -The following gentlemen passed their examination in the science and practice of medicine, and received certificates to practise, on Thursday, March 30th, 1876. Berdoe, Edward, 56, Victoria Park Road Boodle, George Adolphus, St. George's Road, St. John's Wood Casson, Herbert James, St. Bartholomew's Hospital Clark, John George, West Hartlepool Griffiths, Gilbert Saunders, Argyll Road, Kensington Prideaux, Thomas Engledue Pegamus, Blackheath Sellon, John William Gore, Budleigh Salterton, Devon Smith, William Henry, Sibsey, Lincolnshire Stelfox, John Brideoake, Middleton, near Manichester Thompson, Edmund John, Appleby Magna, Leicester The following gentlemen also on the same day passed their primary professional examination. Brown, John Alexander, King's College Gamble, Ernest Langwith G., St. Thomas's Hospital Hawkins, Cresar Frederick, London Hospital Keer, John Cordy, Guy's Hospital 

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