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Dr C.J.Vlieland

Saturday 9 June 1900, Issue 10265 - Gale Document No. Y3200775991
THE EXMINSTER FATALITY - The Deputy Coroner (Mr A. Burrow) held an Inquest at Hooper's Farm, Exminster, on Thursday respecting the death of MRS MARY FLORENCE DOMMETT, wife of MR ROBERT HENRY DOMMETT, farmer, of Hooper's Farm. Mr William Heppell was chosen Foreman of the Jury. MR R. H. DOMMETT gave evidence of identification, and said his wife was 30 years of age. She went out in the pony trap on Tuesday about three o'clock with some of her children. The animal she was driving was a quiet one.
Georgina Irish, servant in the employ of the deceased, and who accompanied her and her four children in the trap, stated that whilst on the Kenn road the pony shied and dashed for an open gate. One of the wheels of the trap caught the gate post, and the vehicle was overturned, throwing its occupants into the roadway. Witness got up and picked the baby up and then the other children, but her mistress did not move. Augustus Crump, a farm labourer, who appeared on the scene just after the accident, deposed to seeing deceased lying in the hedge-row. He went for assistance. Dr C. J. Vlieland, of St. Thomas, stated that deceased's neck was broken, from which death ensued. The Deputy Coroner said the circumstances of deceased's death were exceedingly sad, and he was sure they all sympathised with MR DOMMETT and his family. The Jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death."

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