Saturday, 16 June 2018

The head of Saint Jeroen of Noordwijk found

illustration of Saint Jeroen of Noordwijk, artist unknown, c.1750; swiped from Wikimedia Commons
This week his head was discovered in the churchfloor next to the entrance

Also known as
Jeroen van Noordwijk
Jéron Noordwijk

Born to the Scottish nobility, the son of a large land-owner. Known as a pious child who preferred to spend his time in church. Against the wishes of his parents, who wanted him to take over his father‘s estates, he became a monk in his teens. Priest. Missionary to the area of the modern Netherlands. Founded the first church in Noordwijk in 851. Martyred by raiding Vikings for refusing to worship their pagan gods.

late 8th century Scotland

beheaded on 17 August 856 in Noordwijk, Netherlands
buried in the dunes of Noordwijk
c.980 he appeared in a series of dreams to a farmer named Nothbodo, showing the man where his relics could be found
relics enshrined in Egmond Abbey c.985
relics taken to Haarlem, Netherlands in June 1573
severalrelics redistributed to assorted churches, altar and monasteries over the centuries after
on 16 August 1892, following a lengthy study to authenticate the remaining relics, they were taken to the Saint Jeroen church in Noorwijk.
But the head never was found untill this week .

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priest with a falcon (his soul that soared to heaven) and sword (used in his murder)
Additional Information


Book of Saints, by the Monks of Ramsgate
Our Sunday Visitor’s Encyclopedia of Saints
This week the head was discovered in the churchfloor next to the entrance

Many men in Noordwijk are named Jeroen even our Jeroen Vlieland after this Saint.

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