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Hugh Chesterman

Hugh Chesterman is born 20th March 1884  and died 3 Nov 1941
He was the son of Frances Elisabeth Vlieland  and Charles Frederick Chesterman.
He had a sister Linda Chesterman.

We found in the books on internet.............
About Hugh Chesterman
Hugh Chesterman is a published author. A published credit of Hugh Chesterman is Playing with history (Teaching of English series). He wrote many children's books in the 1920s and 30s, and edited a children's magazine called The Merry Go Round, published in Oxford with his great friend Basil Blackwell. He was married to Sylvia, and had 2 daughters, Jenifer and Elizabeth. Chesterman was killed during the 2nd WW. His grand and great grand children still live on, in the UK - I am one of them! 
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Hugh attended Cambridge reading History and English.
He then became an Ordinand at Ely,but decided not to go into the church.He fought in the first world war and then got a post as a master at St.Paul's Cathedral Choir School.
This was about 1925 and here he met and married Sylvia Wyse West .They found a house in Islip "the confessors gate" and moved in,( The most expensive transaction that has been recorded in High Street is The Confessors Gate. It sold on 25/07/2002 for £850,000.)
In Islip in the warmemorial we find
Chesterman, Hugh R Berks 94264 Lt, died 3 Nov 1941,age 57, Son of Charles Frederick and Frances Elizabeth Chesterman; husband of Sylvia Wyse Chesterman, of Islip. B.A. Also served in 1914-1918 War, buried in Islip cemetery.

Gloucestershire Echo :Tuesday 04 November 1941
Lieut. Hugh Chesterman, of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, in private life a well-known artist, was killed while cycling last night at Hampton Gay ...

They had two daughters 1. Jenifer Chesterman
Birth: May 31, 1927, Uxbridge England
Death: Sep. 14, 2002, England
She married William J..Brown
 and 2. Elizabeth.Chesterman born 1930 Uxbridge  who married Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton
They had a son Nicholas John Swinnerton.
first marriage of  Charles G.D.Swinnerton was  with Ann Fairley Clarke 1949 Oxford 
They had 2 sons Robert C and Andrew Swinnerton.
second marriage Elizabeth.Chesterman born 1930 Uxbridge  in 1966 Ploughley Oxon
They had a son Nicholas John Swinnerton.

Also we find Hugh  in the London Gazette
Cadet Corps (Worksop College) attached to the 4th (Nottinghamshire) Volunteer Battalion,
The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and DerbyshireRegiment); Hugh Chesterman, Gent., to
be Lieutenant. Dated 7th February, 1906

Later on he joint the publishing firm and booksellers of Basil Blackwell of Oxford.

He also illustrated childrens books
Here an example

He also wrote a poem
Sir Nicketty Nox

Sir Nicketty Nox was an ancient knight,
so old was he that he'd lost his sight.
blind as a mole, and slim as a fox,
and dry as a stick was Sir Nicketty Nox.

his sword amd buckler were old and cracked,
so was his charger and that's a fact.
thin as a rake from head to hocks,
was this rickety nad of Sir Nicketty Nox.
a wife he had and daughters three,
and all were as old, as old could be.
they mended the shirts and darned the socks,
of that old antiquity, Nicketty Nox.
sir nicketty Nox would fly in rage
if anyone tried to guess his age.
he'd mouth and mutter and tear his locks,
this pernickety Nicketty Nox.

well enjoy that!!!
It is a poem by Hugh Chesterman

and so is this one
This poem beginning "John was a tyrant, / John was a tartar, / But John put his name to the Great Big Charter" is called 'King John', and is by Hugh Chesterman (b.1884). It is in Brian Moses' anthology Blood and Roses: British History in Poetry, which was published by Hodder Children's Books in 2004.

Other books are

The highway1 edition - first published in 1935

In England, once1 edition

A maid in armour1 edition - first published in 1936

Quiristers of Paule's1 edition - first published in 1922

Seven for a secret1 edition - first published in 1930

The muse amuses1 edition - first published in 1933

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Lieutenant, Royal Berkshire Regiment, Army no. 94264
He died on 3 November 1941 on War Service. He was  57,  
He was the son of Charles F and Frances E Chesterman and the husband of Sylvia Wyse Chesterman of Islip. B.A. 
He is buried in the Churchyard St. Nicholas, Islip 
Additional Information
He also served in 1914-1918 War
Hugh Chesterman was a published author. He wrote many children's books in the 1920s and 30s, and edited a children's magazine called The Merry Go Round, published in Oxford with his great friend Basil Blackwell. 
I have not established the circumstances of his death but his age must have precluded an active involvement
His address for Probate was The Confessor’s Gate, Islip

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