Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Daniel Carr

Today we have the answer to our question on the message board .
This time it is Jerome Nicholas Vlieland son of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland .
Being a schoolmasters assistent at the age of 15 certainly has something to do with his father being a professor.

1841 census. Fakenham, Norwich Road, Norfolk. In the Parish of Fakenham Lancaster, Jerome Vlieland aged 15 years.

School masters assistant with 23 pupils aged between 11 and 14 years with 5 servants.

They seem to be connected to Daniel Carr, school master aged 40 years who lives next door or in the same building with his wife and large family.
So who was Daniel Carr.
In Pigot and Co’s directory for 1830 Daniel Carr is listed under Academies and schools
“Daniel Carr (boarding and day) Norwich Road Fakenham”.
Notice in Norwich Mercury newspaper dated December 8, 1821:

"D. CARR Begs leave respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Fakenham, and the Public in general, that after the Christmas Vacation, he intends opening a BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL, in that Place, for the reception of YOUNG GENTLEMEN... D. CARR has spent six years and a half as Sub-Master in the Holt Grammar School, under the Rev. B. Pullan; and a year and a half as one of the Masters in the Norwich grammar School, under the Rev. E. Valpy, by whom he was also formerly instructed. NB Letters addressed to D. Carr, Holt, will receive immediate attention."

I also discovered Daniel Carr published a book in 1837 called “The life of Linnaeus” and described himself on the title page as “Master of the Classical School, Fakenham and Lecturer on Botany, Physiology, etc.”. Which if you wish is on line to read free! I tried to read a bit of it but for my modern brain it was all too much, what I would call very flowery (excuse the pun as it is suppose to be about Botany!

Thanks Gilly!

Coincidence or not.

Professor Jerome Nicholas honours William Taylor .He was an great fan of Goethe.

in later life Daniel Carr he became a M.D.

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