Sunday, 11 November 2012

Charles Frederick Chesterman

Charles Frederick Chesterman was the husband of Frances Elisabeth Vlieland 

Charles was the only son of Joseph Chesterman who married Elizabeth Robinson and was born March 1850  Marylebone.
he died Mar 1930 - Exeter, Devon, England - Age: 80[Feb 1930]At Harnstead  

 Charles built a wonderfull House for Frances called Stalisfield House.
They had two children Hugh and Linda .

He can be found in the National Archives .
2. Charles Frederick Chesterman of 41, North Street, Manchester Square [St. Marylebone], timber merchant

He build a house as a  retirement home which was later the house of his daughter Linda  in Trevalga Cornwall

For his wife Fanny he build a loveley house named Stalisfield house in Harnstead .

His father Joseph and mother Elizabeth married in March 1845 in Wellingborough.

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