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Sarah Heath.

Sarah Heath was born 14-10-1799 at Hemblington Norfolk.
as a daughter to William Heath and Ann Johnson.

Sarah married Jerome Nicholas Vlieland and had 9 children. She passed away on 17 Nov 1882 in Auckland, England.

She was married to Jerome Nicholas Jansen de Vlieland.

They had 10 children.

Jerome Nicholas Vlieland
Susanna Maria Vlieland
Sarah Heath Vlieland
George Heath Vlieland
William Henry Vlieland
Catharine Veri Vlieland
Anna Maria Vlieland
William Heath Vlieland
Maria Heath Vlieland
Thomas Edward Heath
First mentioned in Great Yarmouth 1822-1823 as a French teacher living in Kingstreet Great Yarmouth over the next fourthy years he taught French,German,Italian and dancing, wrote many books on languages. 
At marriage called Jerome Nicholas Jansen de Vlieland. Of the parish of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, bachelor an married Sarah Heath of the parish of Hemblington, (daughter of Large landowner and genter of the parish).
862I 28/05/1848I Thomas Edward Heath I VLIELAND Jerome Nicholas VLIELAND Teacher Of Languages I Sarah Heath
Which we found on the internet.
1813 to 1880 Baptism Project
Norwich St Laurence
Sarah´s father and mother were married. St Catherine Ludham Norfolk
Marriage Date 27 Apr 1784
Groom Forename William Surname HEATH
Groom Parish Hemblington
Groom Condition Bachelor
Bride Forename Ann Surname JOHNSON
Bride Condition Spinster
Witness Jno(John?) Johnson and Catherine Heath.
RegisterNumber 142
FileNumber 3984

This add in the paper in 1833 says Madame Vlieland  will be happy to receive her pupils which indicates Sarah was a teacher as well

William Cowper JOHNSON
   Born: 18 AUG 1813      at: Sarratt, Hertfordshire  
   Died: 16 OCT 1893      at: Norwich (83 Newmarket Rd)  
He was the son of John Johnson of Ludham and Maria Dorothia Livius .

This John Johnson married three times .
The second time to Hannah and their child is Ann Johnson.
Mother of Sarah Heath.
So Sarah and Cowper were related.

Chelmsford Chronicle - Friday 01 December 1882

Arthur Candler her  grandson was in attendance in the East lodge Billy row when she died


the “2 entrees in Hemblington Church records” contain both Sarah's marriage and her sisters Anna Maria to Rev. Charles James Blomfield

At the age of 68 Sarah lives with her daughter and grandchildren .

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