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Florence Adèle Vlieland

Florence Adèle Vlieland was the daughter of William Heath Vlieland and Emily Hannah Priaulx.

She was born in 1866 at Hygeia House,
She married Douglas Hamilton Anderson.

As we can read in this announcement in the British Medical Journal of 17 june 1893.
ANDERSON-VLIELAND.-On June 6th, at Christ Church, Brondesbury,N.W., by the Rev. Arthur Rawlins, vicar of St. Andrews, Willesden,
Douglas Hamilton Anderson, M.B., C.M.. St. MIargaret's, Twickenham,to Florence Adele, youngest daughter of the late W. HI. Vlieland, Esq.,of Cheltenham.
At her wedding she received the prayerbook with the birthdate of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland.
Here the page of that prayerbook.
Her father and mother had an issue in 1893 and Florence Adele Vlieland received the book when she married from her cousins house Frances Elisabeth Chesterman ( Charles James Vlielands eldest sister)
She and her husband had three children
Florence with her daughters Beryl and Doris.
John Douglas Anderson born 4 Aug 1894 died 4 Aug 1894.

Doris Adele Anderson Born 7 Sept 1897.
Beryl Audrey Anderson born 27 April 1899

Beryl Audrey BURT (Anderson) date of death 2nd Jan 1993 died in Greenwich Hospital
She is the daughter who inherited the prayerbook.
The silver teaspoons mentioned in the newspaper are still in the possession of the family .
John Hamilton Burt was the son of Beryl and Frederick Owen Burt (Births Dec 1896 Burt Frederick Owen Thanet 2a 975) and married Sylvia Doris Price
Marriages Mar 1924 Burt Frederick Owen = Anderson Beryl A Peterbro' 3b 307.
They have a son Clifford J. who provided us with copies of
And finally Florence Adèle's funeral letter.

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