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Herbert Bloomfield Vlieland

Herbert Bloomfield Vlieland

Herbert Bloomfield Vlieland wrote down his memories.
"my father was an Episcopal minister
Our family was originally Dutch,but the last war between Holland and French,in a naval battle,my great grandfather,an admiral had his ship sunk under him and was shot swimming to another ship.
His son was captain and taken prisoner".
So far his story.
Herbert Bloomfield was born 25-11-1862 te Stalisfield Kent and died 05-07-1958 at South Gate ,Los Angeles,Calefornia,
He was the son of Jerome Nicholas the younger

Herbert was named after his uncle Charles James Bloomfield.
He married on the 22-09-1886 Waunakee USA to Jenny Amelia Ford.
And the second time to Blanche Pearle (TAPLEY) LONGLEY. They married in 1946 in South Gate.
Jenny Ford was born in Vienna Danc
She died 29 aug 1943 South Gate C.A.
Her father was Laurence A Ford,born 10 oct 1833 Dunfermline Fife Scotland and her mother was Amelia Henderson born 22 Oct 1837 Lowell Mdsx UK
Herbert and Jenny had six children,
Jenny Amalia Vlieland born 19 October 1888 Vienna USA
Francis Elisabeth Vlieland born 02 July 1890 Vienna USA
Elsie Mary Vlieland born 30 December 1891 Vienna USA
Alice Ellen Vlieland born 27 August 1893
Herbert Ford Vlieland born 26 October 1896
Russel Bloomfield Vlieland 16 February 1901 Waunakee USA
Florence Violet Vlieland born 06 Jul 1903 Clifton, Pierce County USA

Here is the census of 1900.

census 1940

Waunakee News August 10, 1900


and his second wife
Birth: Nov. 25, 1862
Kent, England
Death: Jul. 5, 1958
South Gate
Los Angeles County
California, USA
Herbert's father was the Rev. Jerome Nicholas Vlieland, his mother Frances Elizabeth Samworth
He was born in St. Mary's Stalisfield, England. 
His mother died when he was very young, and his father remarried to Sarah Ann Johnson. 
His father died when he was 12 then he was sent to a boarding school. 
After school he apprenticed with a ferm putting up the first electric wires in Scotland, they just attached them house to house. 
Before he finished his apprenticeship he developed pneumonis and recooperated at his brothers house, who was a doctor. 
He then sailed to America, settling in Wisconsin. 
There he met his future wife, they had 7 children. 
They had an emporium, later they moved north to River Falls where he had greenhouses and ran a nursery. 
After his son moved to California, they followed him out there the following year. 
His house and gardens were dotted with fish ponds and was a beautiful place to see. His wife Jennie Amelia Ford died in 1943, later he remarried and lived a long life.

H.B. Vlieland starts this week to build an addition on his store building. The room he now has is too small for his increasing bussiness
from Waunakee news Sep 4 1896

H. B. Vlieland went to Chicago Wednesday morning  to purchase his spring stock of merchandise. 
He expects to buy a big stock of seasonals
From Waunakee news Mar 16 1900

Mrs. H. B. Vlieland returned to her home at River Falls, Monday.
from the waunakee tribune Jan 9 1913

He married on the 22-09-1886 Waunakee USA to Jenny Amelia Ford.

I do have the cake top and some little porcelain dolls that were on the table at the celebration.
says his daughter

Waunakee Tribune September 16, 1937

Thu, May 6, 1897 Waunakee Wisconsin

Waunakee News August 4, 1898

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