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Frances Maude Vlieland

Frances Maude Vlieland is the daughter of Charles James Vlieland and
Alice Edith Millen.
She is born September 1884 St.Thomas.
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She married Jun 1906 St.Thomas with Reginald Peel.

She died 4 February 1914 from malignant malaria in Sewri Bombay India at the age of 28.

Their children 
1.Francis Reginald V. Peel Registered Apr May Jun 1907 - Exeter 5b 412
29/11/1907 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - 27 Nov at Ajmor, India Francis Reginald Vlieland, dearly loved child of Reginald and Frances Maude Peel , aged 9 months
2.Clifford Nicholas Vlieland Peel born 1909
3.Barbara Peel born 25 November 1911.
On her deathcertificate she is mentioned as 'wife of R. Peel Ast. Auditor BB+CI Railway'

Their son Clifford Nicholas Peel is then living with his granddad C.J.Vlieland.
He was a sickly child and did not go back to Sirwi with his mother after his birth in Exeter in late 1908, but stayed in Southernhay with his grandparents; he is almost certainly the small child at the extreme right of the picture of the opening of the Rougement Gardens.

He was an actor who in later life became a restauranteur. His stage name was Nicholas Vlieland. He even had his name officially changed.

29/11/1907 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - 27 Nov at Ajmor, India Francis Reginald Vlieland, dearly loved child of Reginald and Frances Maude Peel , aged 9 months

Barbara Vlieland Peel, Frances Maude's second surviving child, was born in Sirwi in November 1911.
She was shipped home to England in 1914 after her mother's death and was brought up by her grandparents along with Clifford; she was deeply attached to her father's memory and reverted to 'Barbara Peel' 1932 or 1933, when she was 21.
She wanted to follow Charles James as a doctor and trained at (I think) the Westminster Hospital, but failed one exam and so ended up doing other jobs in medicine.
She married Archibald Graham Petter, another actor, in February 1943, and had a son, Graham, who was stillborn, in 1945, and a daughter in December 1946.
They were 25 years apart in age –Archibald Graham Petter born September 1885 in Middlesex, was only a few years younger than Reginald Peel and only a few months younger than Frances Maude, so that when he died in November 1964 it was as if Barbara Vlieland Peel had lost her parents all over again, and she suffered a breakdown and died in August 1976
We have this information from Charles James his great-granddaughter Barbara.

1911 Census 20 Southernhay West Exeter
Charles James Vlieland 53 Physician b Turnham Green London
Alice Edith 50 b Kent
Dorothy 25
Phoebe mary 23
Charles Archibald 20
Clifford Vlieland Peel grandson 2 b Exeter

The close-up shows that the stone is both a memorial to Frances Maude and a gravestone for Dorothy Vlieland


The Flying Doctor Service cannot be founded by our Clifford Vlieland Peel as he is 9 at that time.
The October 1918 issue of 'The Inlander' published a letter from Lieutenant J Clifford Peel of the Australian Flying Corps, proposing an air service by the Australian Inland Mission to care for the sick and injured in the outback.
Peel was killed in action and Reverend John Flynn developed the young airman's ideas, founding what became known as the Flying Doctor Service and devoting his life to what he called "a mantle of safety" over the outback.
Reginald Peels is a name that rings a bell.

As commodore of the Queen Mary and the Olympic he cruised with these lovely cruiseships.
But he is NOT the one our Frances Maude has married.
Our Reginald is born 13 Feb,1873 and baptised 02 March 1873 Moradabad, Bengal, India
His father is Nathaniel Peel and his mothersname is Constance Amelia Bird.
They were married 13 Sept 1866 Poona India
Reginald married for the second time to Violet Mona Flossy Mary Grant(who is then 21 years of age) on 09 September 1916 Naini Tal, Bengal, India.
The father of Reginald is stated as Nathaniel Peel and of the Violet as George Nelson Grant.
Nathaniels Father is Samuel Peel and Constances Father is Thomas Bird.
Reginald Peel sailed on H.M.S.Hood

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