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Carina Mary Marcelle

Edward John Clervaux Chaytor  remarried after the death of Margaret Frances Morgan Vlieland .

He married Carina Mary Marcelle .
Then we quote from the Peerage
Carina Mary Marcelle (?) married, secondly, Brigadier Edward John Clervaux Chaytor, son of Maj.-Gen. SirEdward Walter Clervaux Chaytor and Louisa Jane Collins, on 28 October 1970.1
Her married name became Anderson.1 Carina Mary Marcelle (?) usually went by her middle name of Marcelle.1From 28 October 1970, her married name became Chaytor

We find in the census
name: Carina Mary Marcelle Anderson
event: Census
event date: 1911
gender: Female
age: 1
birthplace: Bishopthorpe York
record type: Household
registration district: York
sub-district: Bishopthorpe
parish: Bishopthorpe
county: Yorkshire (East Riding)
So there are a lot of different last names involved.
So we find her born in York Sept 1910 as Carina Mary Marcell AndersonShe married in Sept 1931 Marylebone Patrick Martin
and in March 1945 Chelsea to .James M.R Harrison..But there is more .
Tuesday 07 November 1944 Derby Daily Telegraph - GENERAL CITED IN BUXTON DIVORCE SUIT A decree nisi, with agreed damages of £3,000, was granted in the Divorce Court to-day to Mr. Patrick Martin, of Burbage Old Hall, Buxton, on the ground of the misconduct of his wife, Carina Mary Marcelle Martin, with the corespondent, Major - General James Murray Robert Harrison. Mr. Martin was described as holding an important position with a well-known company. His case was that in 1941 he and his wife made the acquaintance of General Harrison. On occasions afterwards she used to go, with her husband's consent, to stay in London. When she came back she would tell him that she had seen the general, but he thought it was only a passing friendship. IN LOVE WITH HIM In the summer of last year Mrs. Martin told her husband that she was in love with General Harrison, and was going away with him. Although he tried to dissuade her, she left home in September last year. Later, information was received that she and General Harrison had stayed-together at a London hotel. Costs were awarded against the co-respondent.

Q1 1945 Chelsea - married James M.R Harrison.

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