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Edward Amond Johnson

Sarah Ann Johnson was baptised 18 September 1822 Swaffham as daughter of Edward Amond Johnson (2-12-1794) and Elisabeth Mary Heath.
She died December 1902 Blean.

Edward and Elisabeth married 23 Nov 1819 in the 

Virgin Mary and St Thomas a Beckett Wymondham Norfolk.
Witnesses on their wedding were Thomas Kemball, John Johnson Other Witnesses were Louisa Johnson, Eliza Johnson and Mary Norman Johnson

John Johnson and his wife Mary Norman Johnson and their daughters Eliza and Louise 

Sarah was born on 17 Aug 1822 and baptised 18 Sep 1822.St Peter & St Paul Swaffham County Norfolk.
Her fathers occupation at her birth was Gaoler and later governor of the Bridewell.
Sarah Ann Johnson married Jerome Nicholas Vlieland in 1866 In Norwich.

Sarah Ann Johnson had a lot of brothers and sisters as we find in the Parish register.

Baptisms 18 Sep 1822 JOHNSON Sarah Ann Norfolk Swaffham.
Baptisms 07 Jan 1825 JOHNSON Edward Amond Norfolk Swaffham died 1843..
Baptisms 28 Jun 1826 JOHNSON John Kerrison Norfolk Swaffham.
Baptisms 09 Jul 1828 JOHNSON John Kerrison Norfolk Swaffham.and died there 1845.
Baptisms 29 Jan 1830 JOHNSON Lucy Grice Norfolk Swaffham.
Baptisms 26 Nov 1831 JOHNSON Henry Godwin Norfolk Swaffham
Baptisms 19 Mar 1833 JOHNSON Fanny Norfolk Swaffham
Baptisms 12 Nov 1834 JOHNSON Charles Walter Norfolk Swaffham
Baptisms 25 Feb 1836 JOHNSON Frederic William Norfolk Swaffham
Baptisms 07 May 1837 JOHNSON Harriett Anna Norfolk Swaffham
Baptisms 22 Apr 1839 JOHNSON Lewis Heath Norfolk Swaffham married A.Miller
Baptisms 25 Oct 1843 JOHNSON Horace Amond Norfolk Swaffham He died at the age of 12.
Her father was keeper of the bridewell in Swaffham.
Swaffham Bridewell

Description of the Bridewell in 1868: ‘The County Prison, which was erected in 1787, and considerably enlarged in 1844 at a cost of £1,500. It has a residence for the governor, and contains 67 cells and 3 hospital rooms. The prisoners are employed in mat making, sacking weaving, tailoring, shoemaking, oakum picking, and pumping water from a well 150 feet deep.’
(J.G.Harrod and Co., Directory of Norfolk and Norwich, (London and Norwich, 1868) pp.610-611).
White’s History, Gazetteer and Directory of Norfolk (Sheffield,1883) p. 711 records: ‘The County Prison at Swaffham has been discontinued under the Prisons Act, and was pulled down in 1881.’
In 1822 the time Sarah is born we read:

Swaffham. County Bridewell. — Dietary. Two pounds and a half of bread, made of good household flour, and half a pound of cheese per week; the prisoners are also permitted to purchase a pint of milk per day : hot water and salt are also allowed them.
The governor observes that a surprising difference has taken place with regard to the number of offences and committals since the erection of the tread-mill, and the number of recommittals has also very greatly decreased. The mill has been completed nearly twelve months. The effect of this labour upon the health of the prisoners, is very beneficial.Johnson Edward Amond governor, House of Correction.

Swaffham Division County Gaol, or HOUSE OF CORRECTION, was erected in 1787, and considerable enlarged in 1821, when a large plot was added to its enclosure. It occupies the site of the old Bridewell (erected in 1599,) and has a commodious house for the governor, fronting London street. The prison was again enlarged in 1844, at the cost of £1500. It has cells for about 100 prisoners, and has generally about half that number in confinement.
Mr. E. A. Johnson is governor, and the Rev. Bircham Houchen is chaplain to the prison and Union House.

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