Saturday, 24 October 2015

Jan Poeltuijn en Leijsje Roesou

Trying to solve some loose ends we researched people to see if we could find a connection .
As it a waste to throw those notes away we will show them .
This one we researched because of the witnesses at the baptism .
Usually familymembers are witnesses at baptism or marriages .
In this case Maria Elisabeth Penninkhof and Sigardus Siegers  are witness at the baptism of Maria Elisabeth Poeltuijn.and of Sigardus Poeltuijn and the children are named after the as well.

naam bruidegom:name groom
Poeltuijn, Jan
naam bruid:name bride
Roesou, Leijsje
naam bruid:also name bride
Russouw, Leijsje
DTB 746, p.11
Huwelijksintekeningen van de PUI.

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