Sunday, 31 December 2017

Italian Reader and Grammar

This will probably rank as the oddest request you have received in all of 2017.
I see from that you apparently have a copy of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland’s Italian Grammar, and perhaps even his First Italian Reader. As you can see from looking at WorldCat, no library on earth is listed as owning copies of these from a mail I received yesterday .
So if you own them , you know now it is very special and otherwise you can go to Google books .


I have not mentioned any mathematics, nor was our school as good for them as for its other branches of teaching.
For modern languages we had an old Dutchman, Herr Vlieland,  from the island of that ilk, who used to come over from Norwich, and teach us French, Italian, and German.
I got the French prize one year, and my Italian was very fairly kept up, preparatory to Eton.

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