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Alice Vlieland

Alice Vlieland was born in 1856 as daughter of Jerome N.Vlieland the Younger,Vicar of Stalisfield and Frances Elisabeth Samworth

She was baptised by her own father.
Alice married in 1887 at Hitchin, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire with
Thomas Pearman Stevens.

Alice and Thomas had 3 children together .

Thomas Pearman Stevens known as Pym born 15th January 1888.Educated Dover College and went on to Oxford.He became Vicar of Hartley and died around 1936.
Paul Pearman Stevens born 3 march 1889.Educated Dover College and London University.
Served in the first world war as an officer and later became an antique collector and dealer of note.
He died around 1942 at Abbotsford Scotland where he was Honourary Librarian to Sir Maxwell Scott.
They became friends during the first world war.
Marjory Doris Stevens born 1891 and died 1972 .
She spent 2 years at finishing school in Brussels before entering the Royal College of Music London.
In world war 1 for her war effort she drove ambulances and official cars.
After the war she married Frank Peachy of Woodbridge Suffolk a public schoolmaster and best friend of Pym.
They married from her aunts Frances Elizabeth Chesterman house .
They had one daughter.
Alice Vlieland died about 1913 at a nursing home in Bournemouth near her sister Mary Shillitoe.
He was the son of William Samuel Stevens
In Exeter memories we find Thomas Pearman Stevens.
Well Park Brewery - Willey's Ave

Purpose-built in 1870 by the partnership of Thomas Gould Pidsley, his brother Hayward Gould Pidsley and brother-in-law Thomas Pearman Stevens, the Well Park Brewery was situated in Willey's Avenue, opposite the railway embankment. Built of brick, the brewery would have incorporated the latest ideas for beer production. Hayward Pidsley retired in 1885, and in 1887 Thomas Stevens sold his interest to Alfred Ross and renamed the firm, Ross & Pidsley.

A promotional leaflet printed in 1888, stated "We respectfully draw attention to the facilities offered for obtaining our celebrated ales and stout in patent, screw-stoppered bottles which are so much preferred by reason of their being easily opened." The leaflet went on to say that the stout had "great strengthening properties" and was "recommended for the use of invalids". Double stout could be purchased for 3 shillings a dozen bottles.

The 1888 leaflet mentioned the water supply to the brewery:"A deep well on the premises yields an unfailing supply of the purest water which on analysis was found to contain the constituents so essential to the production of those high class ales for which the Well-Park Brewery has become celebrated."

They continued brewing until 1925, when it was bought by J A Devenish & Company, a Weymouth based brewery, and production ceased. The premises became a sales and distribution depot for Devenish.

A story that has almost become a legend from the Second World War relates how a few days after Christmas 1942, a German raider dropped a bomb on the gasworks. It missed and bounced out of the gasworks yard, along Willey's Avenue, to stop just short of the Well Park Brewery, where it exploded.

After the war, the buildings were used by the city electrical and plumbing contractors I J Cannings & Son Ltd, and later on, a tile retailer. They have just been converted into 14 flats.
Well Park Brewery
The old brewery buildings are now apartments.

In the London Gazette we find.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership
lately subsisting between us the undersigned,
Thomas Pearman Stevens, Hayward Gould Pidsley, and
Tom Gould Pidsley, carrying on business as Brewers and
Maltsters, at the Well Park Brewery, Saint Thomas, near
Exeter, under the style or firm of Stevens, Pidsley, and
Co., has this day been dissolved, by mutual consent, so
far as regards the said Hayward Gould Pidsley, who retires
from the firm. All debts cine to or owing by the
said late firm will be received and p:-iid by the said
Thomas Pearman Stevens and Tom Gould Pidsley, who
will continue the said business under the present style or
firm of Stevens, Pidsley, and Co. — As witness our hands
this 31st day of August, 1885.
Thomas Pearman Stevens.
Hayward Gould Pidsley.
Tom Gould Pidsley.

The pincushion and sampler are  made by Alice .
The thimblecase and the copper thimble  that was in it are also from Alice or even her mothers.

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