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William Millen of Syndale valley

William was the son of James Millen and Mary, née Theobald, of Throwley, who married in 1823.
William Millen married Phoebe Coulson in March 1858 Faversham.

She was born 12 April in Boughton under Blean as daughter of George and Phoebe Coulson.

The children of William and Phoebe Millen are
25 December 1858 Helena Millen was born in Faversham
31 March 1861 Alice Edith Millen.was born in Faversham
17 July 1862 James George Millen was born in Faversham
James George, who died in 1926, was the eldest son of William Millen, of Syndale, and grandson of James Millen and Mary, née Theobald, of Throwley, who married on 23 December 1823.
Sept 1865 born Bertha Millen she married Herbert Samuel Shove.
And their children are
Captain Herbert William Shove.
Gerald Frank Shove
Ralph Samuel Shove
18 July 1869 Frank Millen was born in Faversham
The Guardian for the parish of Norton, is Mr Frank Millen
William Millen was famous for the sheep he had in Syndale.
His flock was famous

exhibitor. CLASS 50. Pen of 3 Shearling Ewes. First prize, £3. Second, £2. lst — William Millen, Osprinze, Faversbam,aged 1 year, 3 months, days, bred exhibitor. 2nd—William Millen, Faversham, aged 1 year, 3 months, bred by exhibitor.

Census: Date: 1891
Place: Syndale Bottom Ospringe Faversham Kent
Note: William had an American housekeeper, Elizabeth J Adams(1858),
a housemaid Emily E Gordan(1871 and a cook Mary A Tumber(1871)
Census: Date: 1901
Place: Syndale Farm Ospringe Faversham Kent
Note: William was living with his new wife and son. They had 2 servants
Eliza Reynolds(1881) a cook and Elizabeth Harris(1878) a housemaid

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