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Thomas Michiel Vlieland

This time we find a Vlieland in Sri lanka in 1760.
We will try to find out more about him.
But this is the story.
The 23 october 1770 died in Colombo Sri Lanka Sir Robertus Cramer.
It was an important funeral and Thomas Michiel Vlieland was there .
And all these people were there as well with flutes, drums and banners
First in Double Dutch
Funeral of Robertus Cramer
At the funeral of Robertus Cramer the following persons were present:
1.De OnderKoopman Johannes Philip Stork, who carried the weapon/shield (?) of the deceased. (He was a son of Gerard Willem Stork, mayor of Oldenzaal - and Agnita Potken. He was born Nov 12th, 1719, in Oldenzaal and died in Colombo on Nov 16th, 1785. He had issue from his marriage with Petronella Elizabeth Fabricius).
Then followed the family members:
2. Mattheus Robertus Cramer.
3. Hendrik Cramer.
4. Hendricus Leembruggen (son of Johan Leembruggen from Leyden - and Wilhelmina Bloteling from The Hague. He was born in 1721 in Leyden en died about 1783. He was a private secretary of Governor Steyn van Gollenesse in 1744, afterwards Head of the Cinnamon Department, Dissave of Colombo, etc. and had been married four times. His second wife was Robertus' daughter Dina Cramer, born in Cochin Oct 8th, 1744).
5. Cramer's father-in-law: Mattheus van Hek (born in Galle in 1709, Thombo-holder of Jaffna, son of Leonard van Hek, administrator of Galle and Maria Speelder, and grandson of Isaac van Hek from Schoonhoven -, Magazijnmeester in Colombo and Johanna van Veen from Alkmaar -). From his marriage with Elizabeth van der Spar was born Magdalena Elizabeth Hek, first married to Francois van de Rondewerken, the second time on 09 May, 1751, with Robertus Cramer.
6. Dirk Cramer.
7. Gerbrand Cramer.
8. Johannes Blauwestein, who was Oppermagazijnmeester in Colombo in 1756, married to Maria Elizabeth Cortsz. They had a son Joris Johannes, born in Colombo in 1720. Johannes was probably the son of Joris Blauwestein from Rotterdam -, Reader (in the Church) in Colombo in 1688, who had died there before Feb 14th, 1696, as his widow Anna van Ravenswaay from 's Hertogenbosch - on that day married Marinus Leermans from Dordrecht - a clerk in the Dutch Service.
9. Jan Schreuder, Envoy of the Council of the Indies, Governor and Director of the island of Ceylon and dependencies. He was born in Hamburg in 1704 and died in Batavia January 16th, 1764. Being a widow in Batavia he married Clara Gertruida de la Haye, who was born November 15th, 1729, in Batavia and died there in 1769.They had two children: a) Cornelis Valentyn, born December 3rd, 1751, in Batavia who was already a widow when he married Dec 23rd, 1777, Lady Catharine van Rappard and; b) Hubert Jan, born in Colombo Feb 4th, 1759. Susanna Engelberta, his daughter, born when he was still Director of Suratte, was probably a child from a previous marriage.
10. Godfried Cretsman (Kretschmar?).
11. Jan Bauert, OpperKoopman (born in Treptow in Mecklenburg, was lieutenant and Head of the Fort of Kalutara and temporarily Dissave of Matara. He married in 1744 Catharina Berghuys. His son Julius Valentyn was married to Maria Magdalena Potken and through her related to Johannes Philip Stork, who carried the shield/weapon of the deceased.
12. Pieter Libert Smidt, Koopman and Hoofdmagazijnmeester.
13. Wouter Rudolph van Sanden, Koopman and Fiscaal (tax collector) (married to Wilhelmina Margarita d'Everdingen van der Nypoort).
14. Hendrik van der Hof, Koopman and Soldy-Boekhouder (later Magazijnmeester of Colombo, pensioned off with the status of Koopman.
15. Lieve Nicolaas Meyboom, Koopman and Negotie-Boekhouder.
16. Huybert Hoogerwaard, Koopman (OnderKoopman in 1732, Koopman in 1753 and since 1762 administrator in Jaffna where he died about 1766).
17. Joan Hugonis, Koopman and Secretaris (he came from Stockholm and got married in Colombo 1756 to Arnoldina Wilhelmina Fabricius, widow of the OnderKoopman Harmanus Mentz from Amsterdam and daughter of the Reverend Arnoldus Wilhlmus Fabricius).
18. Frederick Rohne.
19. Hendrik Jalink.
20. Leonard and Isaac van Hek (Isaac was Leonard's brother and was born in Tuticorn in 1692. Another Isaac van Hek was born in 1721, son of Adriaan and nephew(?) or (cousin(?) of the Secretary of the Orphans' Court (Orphanage) of Jaffna, Leonard van Hek).
21. Johannes van Hek.
22. Jurgen van der Spar (OpperKoopman en Head administrator in Colombo 1741, died in the function of President of the orphans' court in Batavia 1766.)
23. Philippus van der Spar (probably Resident of Point Pedrio in 1756 who died in 1793. There was, however, another Philippus van der Spar, who was bookkeeper and Secretary of Justice in Jaffna and who died there as Administrator in 1762).

24. Lourens van der Spar, (Magazijnmeester of Jaffna in 1747. He was born in Galle in 1716, son of Johannes van der Spar en Anna Verwijk and brother to Maria Magdalena van der Spar, born in 1711 and Anna van der Spar, born in 1715).

25. Engelbert de Moor (bookkeeper in Colombo in 1730, Secretary of the Orphans' Court in 1733, born in 1706, son of Pieter de Moor from The Hague who arrived with the ship "Ryggersdal" to Ceylon and Johanna Obrak uit Kaltura, most probably the daughter of Arent Obrak of Amsterdam. Engelbert was married twice: 1st in 1731 with Plantina van de Rondewerken and 2nd in 1756 with Anna van Geyzel.

26. Barent Kriekenbeek (Secretary of Police in Colombo in 1739, OnderKoopman in 1756, member of the Landsraad in Colombo, Secretary of Justice, was pensioned off in the position of OnderKoopman and died in 1778. Barend was born in Colombo on Aug 26th, 1712, son of Marinus Petrus Kriekenbeek and Susanna de Bruyn, grandson to Rutgerus Kriekenbeek from Wyk bij Duurstede - the original colonist who arrived with the ship "Zeelandia" in 1659. He was married twice: 1st in 1736 with Catharina Ritmeyer and 2nd in 1747 with Cornelia Dominicus).

27. Dirk Berghuys (Hoofdbarbier, was married to Adriana Swinnas around 1720 and stationed at Galle from 1721-1733.

28. Willem van Gent.

29. Mattheus van der Spar (born in Jaffna May 19th 1730, died as Administrator at Galle Nov 24th, 1806. He got married there Feb 20th, 1757, to Dorothea Cornelia van Dam - from Colombo, daughter of Christiaan van Dam uit Turicorin and Anna Driemont from Batavia. He married for the 2nd time in Colombo July 29th 1781 with Joahnna Gertruida Fybrandsz, daughter of Reverend Johan Joachim Fybrandsz. From this marriage the only child was Johan Joachim van der Spar, Consul of The Netherlands and Koopman in Galle).

30. Johannes van der Spar (born in Jaffna in 1733, died in 1802. In Galle on May 4th, 1783, he married Adriana Dorothea van Bern, born in Colombo in 1744, daughter of Hermanus van Bern from Bellingerwoldeschans. Dissave of Colombo, who died there in 1746 and of Elizabeth Wilhelmina Driemont from Tuticorin, born Oct 19th, 1724, daughter of Paulus Driemont, Head of Manapaar and Dorothea Maria Sonderburg. Johannes van der Spar married for the 2nd time with Anna Henrietta Dormieux - widow of Abraham Evert Lebeck).

31. Adrianus van der Spar.

32. Justinus van der Spar. (Secretary of Justice in Jaffna en married to Maria Petronella Dormieux, halfsister of Anna Henrietta Dormieux, spouse of Johannes van der Spar).

33. Jacobus Gysbertus Ladenius (born in Colombo 1731, son of Hermanus Ladenius from Leeuwarden - Ensign in the Dutch Service and Suzanna Elizabeth de la Croix).

34. Barent Cramer.

35. Barholomeus Jacobus Raket.

36. Isaak Adrianus Raket.

37. Elias Raket.

38. Daniel Raket.

39. Mattheus Raket (Bartholomeus Jacobus Raket, Commander of Jaffna, was married in 1785 to Susanna Elizabeth Mooyaart. Isaac Adrianus was probably his brother. Elias Raket was bookkeeper in 1752 and OnderKoopman in 1786. Daniel Raket, bookkeeper was born in Jaffna and got married to Ester Elizabeth van Breen in 1773. Mattheus Petrus Raket was married to Maria Elizabeth Cramer and through her the son-in-law of the deceased. All five were probably sons of Jan Helfrig Raket, Head of Mannar and Magdalena Swinnas).

40. Willem Adriaan Berghuys (Tweede Visitateur in Colombo in 1767; died in 1792. He was born in Galle in 1733, son of Dirk Berghuys (no. 27) and Adriana Swinnas).

41. Pieter Spiering (OnderKoopman, born in Vlissingen - on Dec 24th, 1747, married to Magdalena Elizabeth Raket from Jaffna. He returned in 1762 to the Netherlands).

42. Gabriel Potken, (Kassier, in 1756, Dispencier in Colombo, born there in 1723, son of Reverend Gerardus Poken from Oldenzaal - and Sophia Magdalena Ecoma. He married July 11th, 1751 Henrietta Auberta Raket from Jaffna).

43. Barent Alleman (Opperbarbier, married in 1759 to Gertruida Adriana Bouwman - born in Galle 1740, daughter of Jacobus Bouwman, Hoofdmagazijnmeester and Maria Elizabeth Berghuys).

44. Gerrit Joan de Moor.

45. Joost Pieter de Moor.

46. Pieter de Moor. (Gerrit Joan de Moor was Tweede Magazijnmeester in Galle in 1770 en was born in 1732, son of Engelbert de Moor (No. 25) and Plantina van de Rondewerken. Joost Pieter de Moor, born in 1734 was his youngest brother. Pieter (Arent) de Moor was his nephew).

47. Hendrik Diederick Dias de Fonseca, OnderKoopman. He died in Colombo in 1785 and was married twice: 1st time with Hester Catharina Kriekenbeek in 1767 and the 2nd time with Anna Elizabeth Leembruggen in 1776.

48. Reverend Gerardus Potken,

49. Reverend Sigisbertus Bronsveld.

50. Reverend Joan Joachim Fybrandsz (son of Joan Fybrandsz and Anne d'Almeida).

50A. Reverend Johannes Jacobus Meyer.

51. Reverend Juriaan Ondaatje (married to Hermina Quint and became father of the famous patriot Quint Ondaatje, born June 18th, 1758, baptized June 25th, 1758, with the names Pieter Philip. After the death of his grandfather on mother's side he adopted the name Quint).

52. Hendrik Philipsz (born in 1733, died May 19th 1790 - he was the son of Philip Philipsz Panditaratne, Maha Mudaliyar. Hendrik Philipsz married the first time to Susanna Scharff on Nov 4th, 1759, daughter of Jan Christoffel Scharff from Sangerhausen and Elizabeth de Saram. He married for the 2nd time Anna Maria Cabraal on June 19th, 1785, widow of the Mudaliyar Don Simon).

53. Pieter Cornelisz.

54. Captain (military) Joan Hartoem (Lieutenant in Colombo in 1756; captain in Jaffna in 1757, Major in Jaffna in 1771, he died in 1777).

55. Captain (military) Godfried Leonard de Coste (OpperKoopman en Chief Administrator 1768, died in 1774. He was a native from Gera and married the 1st time in 1752 with Elizabeth Victoria Tomasz and the 2nd time in 1759 to Anna Gertruida Laurentsz from Colombo, widow of the deputy Dissave of Matara, Johannes Ferdinandus Chrystman).

56. Captain-Lieutenant (military) Jan Diederick Fedder (Clerk at Galle 1739, Koopman in Matara 1746, born in Sleeswijk and married in 1739 Francina van Geyzen).

57. Captain-Lieutenant (military) Frans Eykman (born in Barentrop was second husband to Susanne Storm from Amsterdam, widowed in 1755 of Clement Pantly).

58. Captain-Lieutenant (military) Jonas Orelius (Director of Customs, born in Carlskrona, Sweden; married in 1743 to Gertruida de Moor (sister of nr. 25), daughter of Pieter de Moor en Johanna Obrak).

59. Cornelis van der Stam (military).

60. Godfried Wetzel, Head of Ordnance.

61. Wilhelmus Philippus van Cuylenburg, Captain of the Civil Guard (born in Roosendaal - May 21st 1718, died in Colombo April 9th 1762 - son of Reverend Johannes van Cuylenburg and Elizabeth Soest.

62. Captain-Lieutenant Richard Kellens, pensioned Captain of the Civil Guard (born in Colombo in 1689 - son of Richard Kellens from Hasselt and Dominga Maartensz.

63. Anthony Diederich, Koopman en Lieutenant-Dissave (was married to Anna Elizabeth Luders in 1747, he was born in The Hague).

64. Joost Volkert Franchimont (son of Gerrit Franchimont from Utrecht - and Maria Ledulx from Colombo. he was born in 1709 and married to Maria Catharina Galekam from Colombo).

65. Herm. Jeron. van Cleef (died in 1771, married in 1763 Petronella Jacoba Schade from Colombo.

66. Joan van der Weert, Head of the Mahabadde. (He was scheduled to return to Holland in 1765. He was born in Nijmegen and married in Galle in 1757 with Anna Cornelia Baade from Cochin).

67. Julius Valentyn Bauert.

68. Gerardus Kersse (Dissave of Matara in 1742, etc. was born in Amsterdam and married in 1734 with Susanna Petronella van de Rondewerken).

69. Daniel Kersse (son of Gerardus, was Bookkeeper and married in 1763 Johanna Francina van Lier from Trincomalee).

70. Michel Erentryk Christoffel Baatke, Lieutenant (militiar). (Born in Mecklenburg, married in 1767 Anna Gertruida van Sanden from Colombo, widow of Godfried Sweep, Head of Madura. Their daughter Maria Agnita was married to Adriaan Sebastiaan van de Graaf, evidently the brother of Willem Jacob van de Graaff - Governor of Ceylon).

71. Jan Andries Schuurman, Lieutenant of Ordnance (was born in Waldeck).

72. Jan Hendrik Simonsz, Lieutenant (military).

73. Jan Carel Hofman (born in Prague, married 1st time with Wilhelmina Bogaart and 2nd time in 1758 with Maria Byl, widow of Adriaan Oostdyk).

74. Frans George Phil. Braunwalt, Lieutenant en Fabriecq. (????)

75. Joachim Fred. Wigman, Deputy Lieutenant (military) (born in Berlin and married in Galle on August 10th, 1755 with Maria Gertruide de Vlame, widow of X.

76. Jan Christoffel Groese, Sublieutenant (Cavalry) (married to Susanna Koch).

77. Jan Jacob Hendrik Schutte, Majoor-Barbier (died in 1761 as Opperbarbier. He married in 1748 Petronella Engelbert from Colombo).

78. Claas Ditlof Hubner (Heupner?) Lieutenant - werktuigkundige (engineer ?) (he married Maria Perera and died in 1786. His son Petrus Ditlof was Lieutenant of Ordnance was born in 1754, married in 1799 Anna Leonara Pietersz, widow of Majoor Barbier Frans Wolkers).

79. Hendrik Jurgen Scholz, Lieutenant of Civil Guard (he was born in Lubeck and twice married 1st to Anna Dupais in 1737 and 2nd with Johanna Perera in 1759, widow of Hendrik Ryken).

80. Jan Hendrik Blankenberg, Lieutenant of Ordnance (He returned in 1772 to the fatherland.

81. Jan Schols, OnderKoopman and private secretary.

82. Gerrit Engel Holst, OnderKoopman and Kassier (He married in 1747 Francina Schokman).

83. Jacob Gerard Overbeek, OnderKoopman en Hoofdopzichter of the Iron storeroom. (Born in Calpentyn in 1728, son of Daniel Overbeek from Amsterdam - Commander of Galle and Elizabeth Hals). He married Ida Jacoba Morth.

84. Dirk Joan Potken, OnderKoopman and 2nd Magazijnmeester (born in 1728, son of Reverend Gerardus Potken from Oldenzaal - and Sophia Magdalena Ecoma. He married in 1757 Anna Cecilia de Moor from Galle) (brother of 42).

85. Hendrik Jacob Oostman, OnderKoopman en Negotie-Overdrager.

86. Lucas Arentsz Schokman, OnderKoopman and Dispencier (born in Colombo in 1707, son of Jan Arentszn Schokman from Amsterdam and Francina Luyck from Colombo. He married married in 1728 Sara Toussaint, daughter of Louis Toussaint and Maria Cornelisz and granddaughter of Mattheus Toussaint from Doornik.

87. Pieter Blankert, OnderKoopman and Hoofd Winkelier (died in 1770, he was born in Colombo, son of Dirk Blankert from Rotterdam, Captain of the Civil Guard and Rachel Versels from Leeuwarden, widow of Reverend Moses Herman). He married Helena Metternach, who remarried Adriaan Moens from Middelburg (152).

88. Albertus Homoet, Klein Winkelier (administrator in Galle in 1764 etc. born in Amsterdam en married twice, 1st with Catharina Hendrina Blokland and 2nd in 1773 with Maria Wilhelmina Francken from Doornik .

89. Christiaan Dryhaupt, pensioned OnderKoopman. (He married in 1748 Josina Francina Hinderman).

90. Willem Visser, OnderKoopman (born in Amsterdam, he married for the 2nd time in 1754 with Sibilla Dorsel, and finally in Colombo in 1758 with Anna Cornelia Dormieux, widow of Jan Adriaan van Lier).

91. Salomon van Lier, OnderKoopman (son of Salomon van Lier from Cochin and Adriana Kloecke, was born in Colombo and married to Simonia Johanna Spaar. His daughter Anna Sophia married in 1768, being a widow, with count Daniel Ditloff von Ranzow).

92. Jan de Roth, OnderKoopman.

93. Carl Fred. Konig, Stads-Opperman.

94. Lourens Jolles Simonsz, Vaandrig (ensign) (born in Amsterdam and married in 1753 in Colombo with Elizabeth Retsel from Colombo).

95. Hans Pieter Clausthal, Vaandrig.

96. Otto Frederick Luther, Vaandrig.

97. Jan Coenraad Wittig, Vaandrig.

98. Willem Janke, Vaandrig (born in Danzig.

99. J.D. Gildemeester, (Jan Daniel Gildemeester, fell close to Hangwelle in 1761. he was born in Rheda and was married to Maria Pronk. His daughter Ulrica Wilhelmina was married to Johan Willem Uhlenbeck, born in Velbert on Feb 1st 1744 son of Christiaan Uhlenbeck and Anna Catharina Brembeck. Johan Willem Uhlenbeck was the grandfather of Admiral Olke Arnoldus Uhlenbeck).

100. Gabriel Hokens, Vaandrig (was married to Margarita de Beenhouwer).

101. Jan Jacob Meyer, Onder Majoor (there were two more persons with the same name in Ceylon. One was born in Berlin and was Sergeant in the Meuron Regiment in 1793; the other was a clergyman born in 1733 son of Lodewyk Meyer from Hessen Cassel).

102. Herman Frederik Heyneke, Vaandrig. (He arrived from Bremen and married in 1759 to Plantina Margarita Huysman, born in 1743 - daughter of Christoffel Huysman from Amsterdam and Isabella Sivertsz. he died in 1776, he married for the 2nd time in 1767 to Sara Elizabeth Woutersz from Galle).

103. Hans Jochem Hansen, Vaandrig (born in Meulen (?), Keulen of Melun?) married in 1751 Anna Margarita Brinkman from Colombo.

104. Christiaan Rudolph Logman, Bevelvoerend Sergeant.

105. Jan Rudolph Francius, Bevelvoerend Sergeant (born in Koerland, in 1754, married to Sophia Jacoba Giethoorn. He died in 1773 in Kalutara).

106. Daniel Ehrengott Wecke, Bevelvoerend Sergeant and Adjudant (married to Maria Rebecca Ebert, widow of Wilhelmus Philippus van Cuylenburg and daughter of George Godfried Ebert of Arneburg (Brandenburg) and Rebecca Hulo).

107. Pieter Joseph Jollie, Vaandrig of Civil Guard (he was married to Johanna Gertruida Lammerts).

108. Jan Lasson, Vaandrig of Civil Guard (born in Amsterdam, married in 1742 to Andreasa de Croes).

109. Joh. Everh. Jongbloed, Vaandrig and Adjudant of Civil Guard (in 1756 he married 1st time to Anna Elizabeth Salder from Calpentyn; 2nd time 1761 to Anna Sophia Scharff from Colombo and finally with Johanna van Ham from Colombo).

110. Jan Janssen Wynroos, pensioned Vaandrig of Civil Guard (later Bookkeeper, was married in 1726 for the 1st time to Francina Prik and the 2nd time May 17th 1767 to Maria de Saram.

111. Baltus van Lier, sworn (authorized) Landinspector (born in Batavia, married in Colombo in 1740 with Anna Elizabeth Harmensz).

112. Frans Bax, First Chemist

113. Benjamin Gerritsz, Thombohouder, (was married 3x: 1st to Maria van Veen; 2nd to Regina Elizabeth Lodewyks; 3rd in 1740 with Gertruida Gerritz from Colombo).

114. H. Jac. van Dort (bookkeeper, born in Galle 1712 son of Cornelisz Jansz van Dort from Utrecht and Elizabeth de Bruyn. He married in 1740 Helena van Velp).

115. Pieter Theunder, Secretary of the Land Council. (Born in 1704 son of Hendrik Theunder from Soest - and Maria de Caauw. He married in 1735 Gertruida Fredericksz from Colombo).

116. Anthony de Caauw, Member of the Land Council (married to Helena Ritscher).

117. Barth. Hendr. Stroebe, authorized Clerk of the Court of Justice.

118. Bartholomeus Balthazar Hendrik Stroebe (was married to Assentia Claas).

118a Adriaan Francke, Resident of the Arecanut Department (was later Koopman and Head of Batticaloa, he was born in Sluis in Vlaanderen - in 1734 son of Johannes Francke and Maria Catharina Beekhuijsen. His father was born in 1709 in Sluis, son of Frans Francke and Pieternella Mortier. Adriaan Francke was married in 1760 to Gustava Robertina van Lier from Trincomalee. She was evidently a daughter of Salomon van Lier, Fiscaal of Trincomalee (91).

119. Leopold Eman van Dorth, Lector.

120. Johannes Stechwig, Lat. Praeceptor.

121. Roelof Beekman, Verbandmeester (later Opperbarbier of Tuticorin in 1763, he was married in 1753 to Gertruida Mulder from Galle).

122. Jurriaan Landsknecht, Hoofd of the Shipscarpenters. (Born in Koningsbergen, married the first time in 1743 Adriana Richart from Kalutara and the 2nd time in 1749 Catharina Elizabeth Andries from Kalutara).

123. Anthony Gulden, Head of the Smiths. (Born in Nurnberg, he married in 1737 Elizabeth Germans from Colombo, and the 2nd time in 1756 with Livinia Perera from Colombo).

124. Jan Christoffel Ryt, Head of the Carpenters.

125. Jan And. Hilleke, Head of the Masons. (Johann Andreas Heleker uit Kirchheim close to Erfurt, in 1763, married to Anna Christina Jansz from Galle).

126. Pieter Bruart, Head of Printing Press (born in Rensburg, married in 1749 Susanna Perera from Colombo).

127. Godfried Keegel, Head of the Book Binders.

128. Johannes Reyntous (Bookkeeper, he came from Amsterdam and was married twice: 1st in 1736 with Johanna Orelius and 2nd in 1789 with Clara Johanna Overbeek, widow of Lieutenant Arnoldus Raasveld. CJ Overbeek was born in 1757 - granddaughter of Daniel Overbeek - Commander of Galle and daughter of Jacob Gerard Overbeek (83). Reyntous was later Deputy Dissave of Colombo and died in 1802).

129. Jacobus Fransz.

130. Thomas Michiel Vlieland.

131. Joan Hendrik Hesse.

132. Ryclof Johan Kriekenbeek (son of Barent Kriekenbeek (26) and Catharina Ritmeyer). He was Bookkeeper in the Dutch service and was twice married: 1st in 1767 Christina Regina van Lier and 2nd in 1770 Elizabeth de Jong).

133. Justinus Kriekenbeek (Justinus and Ryclof Johan were twins, born October 11th 1738. Justinus married 1st in 1766 Catharina Magdalena Gulden and 2nd in 1769 Maria Justina Fybrandsz).

134. Barent de Jood. (Born in 1713, son of Davd de Jood and Anna Otmar).

135. Philip Askamie, (Philip Ascanu uit Adelsheim married in 1748 Francina Ridriguez).

136. Martin Coenraad.

137. Johannes van der Laan (brother of Anthony van der Laan, Barbier and son of Jan van der Laan and Johanna Pays).

138. Carolus Jansz.

139. Jaocb de Custal.

140. Johannes Barendsz.

141. Adriaan van Dith.

142. Harmanus Lodewijksz (Barbier, Colombo was married to Johanna Adriaansz from Colombo).

143. Frans Ruytenberg Bodyn (was married to Christina Floen).

144. Simon Nicolaas Naja.

145. Pieter Theunder (born in 1704, son of Hendrik Theunder from Soest and Maria de Caauw. He married in 1735 Gertruide Fredericksz.) (115). I do not know why this person was mentioned twice

146. Johannes Caspertz.

147. Gerrit Elias van Dorth.

148. Willem van Damast Limburger, OnderKoopman en First Authorized Clerk (author of Concise History. He was the son of Jan Limburger, Captain of the Halberdiers and Slotbewaarder (Castlekeeper or Governor at the Court of the Prince of Orange, and Metta van Damast, both living in Leeuwarden in 1766. Wilem van Damast Limburger was married to Catharin van der Cocq.

149. Bart. Jacobus Teyken, OnderKoopman en Soldy-Overdrager. Johannes(?) Bartholomeus Teyken was born in Leyden - and married in 1755 Anna Maria Wilthuyzen from Galle. He was the son of Reverend Bartholomeus Teyken from Leyden, who married in 1725 in Colombo Maria Hertenberg from Vlaardingen -.

150. Jan Abraham van der Voort, OnderKoopman and Secretary of Justice.

151. Jan Christoffel Herscher, OnderKoopman and Sabandaar. He was in 1763 President of the "Thuynbeschryving", married to Maria Pietersz and died in 1766).

152. Adriaan Moens, OnderKoopman. (Born in Middelburg - He was later Governor on the Coast of Malabar and died in Batavia on October 12th , 1792. He was married 3x: 1st in 1759 with Susanna Potken (widow of Wermelskirchen); 2nd in 1763 with Sara Maria Raket from Jaffna and 3rd, in 1770 with Helena Metternach (87).

153. Cornelis Ens, OnderKoopman. In 1758 he was Oppermagazijnmeester van Trincomalee and died in Colombo in 1762.

154. Johannes de Vos, Authorized Clerk, later OnderKoopman enz. He was born in Tuticorin son of Jan de Vos and Christina Polnitz and was twice married, 1st in Colombo on 22nd September 1748, with Maria Hoepels and 2nd in Colombo on January 6th 1771 with Sara Catharina Luders from Colombo.

155. Christiaan Jansz, Authorized Clerk.

156. Wilh. Phil. Wetzelius, Authorized Clerk (born in Colombo in 1736 son of Reverend Joahnnes Philipus Wetzelius from Harderwyk - and Susanna Wynbergen).

157. Carel Frederick Schreuder, Bookkeeper. (Carl Friedrich Schreuder of (or?) Schorter, Dissave of Jaffna, was born in Hildesheim and came to the East in 1751 with the ship "Spandewaal". In 1758 he married Helena Cornelia Kriekenbeek).

158. Adolph Frederik Marci, Bookkeeper. (In 1762 Hoofdopziener of the Iron Storage in Colombo, born in Lubeck and married in 1758 Alida Agnita Gerritsz from Colombo).

159. Bonifacius Theodorus Koster, Clerk of the Garrison. He was born in 1720 in Colombo, son of Balthazar Koster from Kleinvoede and Elizabeth d'Almeida. He married 1st in 1745 Johanna Jongbloed and 2nd in 1764 with Sara de Jong, daughter of Huybert de Jong from Haarlem and Regina Prik).

160. Johannes van Geyzel, Boekkeeper. (Son of Angelo van Geyzel and Anna Solter. He was born in 1716 in Colombo and was twice married: 1st in 1742 with Francina Toussaint and 2nd in 1755 with Catharina Salomina Prik, widow of Johannes Schut. His Father was son of Frans van Geyzel from St. Nicolaas - [Belgium] and Susanna Pegalotte whose father Angelo Pegalotte came from Genoa).

161. Huybert de la Haye, Resident of the Arecanut Department.

162. Jan de Run, Bookkeeper (was married to Magdalena de Croese and died in 1788).

163. Petrus van Dort, Consumptie Bookkeeper was born in Galle in 1715, son of Cornelis Jansz van Dort from Utrecht and Elizabeth de Bruyn. He Married Johanna Paulusz.

F.H. de Vos.

Zijne begrafenis vindt men aldus beschreven:

Den 23 October 1760, is te Colombo overleden, de Heer Robertus Cramer, Opperkoopman en Dessave van de Colombose Landen; de begrafenis werd bijgewoond door de navolgende personen: Vooruit marcheerde: een Randje Lascorijns van de Attepattoe, opgevoerd door den Mohanderen Domingo de Saram, en gevolgd door noch twee Randje uit de Alloetkoer en Salpitty Coules, met slaande Tamblyndes en Vaandels. Een Corps Militairen groot 48 Man, opgevoerd door een Kapitein-Luitenant en een Vaandrig met het derde Vaandel, 2 Sergeants, 2 Tamboers en 2 Fluiters; de Spontons, Sjerpen, het Vaandel en de Hellebaarden met Floers, en de Trommels met zwart Laken omhangen. De Onderkoopman Johannes Philip Stork, dragende het wapen van den Overleden. Zes Aansprekers in den Rouw, met sleepende Mantels. Het Lijk van den Overleden, met de vier Kwartieren van deszelfs Wapen omhangen, en op het zelve het zydgeweer.
Mattheus Robertus Cramer.
Hendrik Cramer.
Henricus Leembruggen.
Mattheus van Hek.
Dirk Cramer.
Gerbrand Cramer.
Johannes Blauwestein.
Den WelEd: Gestr: Gr: Achtb. Heer Jan Schreuder, Raad Extra ordinair van Neêrlandsch Indiën, Gouverneur en Directeur van het Eiland Ceylon, met deszelfs onderhoorigheden.
De Ed. Heer Godfriéd Cretsman, Opperkoopman en Hoofd-Administrateur.
De Ed. Heer Jan Bauert, Opperkoopman.
De Heer Pieter Libert Smidt, koopman en eerste Pakhuismeester.
. . . Wouter Rudolf van Sanden, Koopman en Fiscaal.
. . . Hendrik van der Hof, Koopman en Soldijboekhouder.
. . . Lieve Nicolaas Meyboom, Koopman en negotieboekhouder.
. . . Huybert Hoogerwaard, Koopman.
. . . Joan Hugonis, Koopman en Secretaris.
. . . Frederik Rohne.
. . . Hendrik Jallink.
. . . Leonard van Hek.
. . . Johannes van Hek.
. . . Izaak van Hek.
Jurgen van der Spar.
Philippus van der Spar.
Lourens van der Spar.
Engelbert de Moor.
Barent Kriekenbeek.
Dirk Berghuys.
Willem van Gent.
Mattheus van der Spar.
Johannes van der Spar.
Adrianus van der Spar.
Justinus van der Spar.
Jacobus Gijsbertus Ladenius.
Barent Cramer.
Bartholomeus Jacobus Raket.
Izaak Adrianus Raket.
Elias Raket.
Daniel Raket.
Mattheus Raket.
Willem Adriaan Berghuis.
Pieter Spiering.
Gabriel Potken.
Barent Alleman.
Gerrit Joan de Moor.
Joost Pieter de Moor.
Pieter de Moor.
Hendrik Diederik Dias de Fonseka.
De Eerw. Heer Gerardus Potken.
De Heer Sigbertus Abrahams Bronsveld.
. . .Joan Joachim Fybrandsz.
. . . Johannes Jacobus Meijer.
. . . Jurriaan Ondaatje.
. . . Hendrik Philipsz.
. . . Pieter Cornelisz.
De Pangerang Soerix de Kosema.
. . . Mas de Koesema.
. . . Poerbaaya.
De E. Manhafte Joari Hartoem, Kapitein Militair.
dito . . . Godfried Leonard de Coste.
. . . Joan Diederik Fedder, Kapitein-Luitenant Militair.
. . . Frans Eykman, dito.
. . . Jonas 0relius, Kapitein-Luitenant en Equipagie Meester.
. . . Cornelis van der Stam, Kapitein-Luitenant ter zee.
. . . Godfried Wetzel, Kapitein-Luit. en Hoofd der Artillery.
. . . Wilh. Phil. van Cuylenburg, Kapitein der Burgerij.
. . . Richard Kellens, der Burgery. Oud-Kapitein
De Ed. Anthony Diederich, Koopman en Luitenant-Dessave.
. . . Joost Volkert Franchimot (sic) (Franchimont), Koopman.
. . . Herman Jerom van Cleef, köopman.
. . . Joan van der Weert, Hoofd der Mahabadde.
. . . Julius Valentijn Bauert.
. . . Gerardus Kersse.
. . . Daniel Kersse.
De Manhafte Mich. Erentryk Christoffel Baatke, Luitenant Militair.
. . . Jan Andries Schuurman, Luitenant van de Artillery.
. . . Jan Hendrik Simonsz, Luitenant Militair.
. . . Jan Carel Hofman, dito.
. . . Frans George Phil. Braunwalt, Luitenant en Fabriecq.
De Manhafte Jochim Fred. Wigman,Pr. Luitenant Militair.
. . . Jan Christoffel Groese, Sous-Luit. van de Cavellery.
. . . Jan Jacob Hendrik Schutte, Chirurgyn-Major-
. . . Claas Ditlof Hubner, Luitenant Ingenieur.
. . . Jan Hendrik Blankenberg, Luitenantvan de Artillery.
De Ed. Hendrik Jurgen Scholz, Burger Luitenant.
Jommogon Soesoeroekoera.
De Ed. Jan Schols, Onderkoopman en Geheimschrijver.
. . . Gerrit Engel Holst, Onderkoopman en Cassier.
. . . Jacob Gerard Overbeek, Onderkoopman en Opziener van 't ijzer Magazijn.
. . . Dirk Joan Potken, Onderkoopman en tweede Pakhuismeester.
. . . Hendrik Jacob Oostman, Onderkoopman en Negotie overdr.
. . . Lucas Arent Schoteman, Onderkoopman en Dispencier.
. . . Pieter Blankert, Onderkoopman en Premier Winkelier.
. . . Albertus Homoet, kleine dito.
. . . Christiaan Dryhaupt, oud-onderkoopman.
. . . Willem Visser, Onderkoopman.
. . . Salom van Lier, Onderkoopman.
. . . Jan de Roth, Onderkoopman.
De Ed. Car Fr. Konig, Stads opperm.
De Manhafte Loure,ns Jolles Simonsz, Vaandrig.
. . . Hans Pieter Claushal, Vaandrig.
. . . Otto Frederik Luther, Vaandrig.
. . . Jan Coénr aad Wittig, Vaandrig.
. . . Willem Janke, Vaandrig.
. . . J. D. Gildemeester, Vaandrig.
. . . Gabriel Hokens, Vaandrig.
. . . Jan Jacob Meyer, Onder-Major.
De Manhafte Herman Frederik Heyneke, Vaandrig.
. . . Hans Joachim Hanssen, dito.
. . . Christiaan Rudolph Logman, Commandeerende Sergeant.
. . . Jan Rudolph Francius, dito.
. . . Daniel Eregod Wekke, Comm. Sergeant en Adjudant.,
De Ed Pieter Joseph Jollie, Vaandrig der Burgerij.
. . . Jan Lasson, dito
. . . Joh. Everh Jongbloed, Vaandrig en Adjudant van de Burgerij
. . . Jan J anssen Wijnro os, Oud-Vaandrig der Burgerii.
. . .Baltus-van Lier, gezwoore Land-meeter.
Frans Basx, Eerste Apotheek.
Benjamin Gerrits, Tombohouder.
H. Jac. van Dorth, Boekhouder.
Pieter Theunder, Secretaris van den Landraad.
. . Anthony de Cauw, Lid van den Landraad.
. . Barth. Hepdr. Stroeble (sic) gezworen Clerk van de justitie.
Adriaan Franke, Gecommitteerde(n) bij den Arreek.
Adr. Leopold Eman van Dorth, Lector.
Johannes Stech,wij, Lat. Praeceptor.
Roelof Beekman, Verbandmeester.
Jurriaan Landsknegt, Baas der Scheepstimmerlieden.
Anthony Gulden, Baas der Smeeden.
Jan Christ. Rijt, Baas der Huistimmerlieden.
Jan And. Hillete, Baas der Metzelaars.
Pieter Bruart, Baas der Drukkerij.
Godfried Keegel, Baas der Boekbind.
Johannes Reyntous.
Jacobus Fransz.
Thomas Michiel Vlieland.
Joan Hendrik Hesse.
Rijklof Johan Kriekenbeek.
Justinus Kriekenbeek.
Barent de Jood.
Philip Askamie.
Martin Coenraad.
Johannes van der Laan.
Carolus Jansz.
Jacob de Custal.
Johannes Barendsz.
Adriaan van Dith.
Harmanus Lodewijksz.
Frans Ruytenberg Bodijn.
Simom Nicolaas Naja.
Pieter Theunder.
Johannes Carpertz.
Gerrit Elias van Dorth.
Joan Aa1wis, Eerste Modliaar.
Don Louis Samerekoon, tweede Modilaar.
Willem Christoffel Mardappa, eerste Mallabaarsche Tolk.
Moettee Chadeappa, tweede Mallebaansche Tolk.
Don Louis, Mohotiaar.
Abram de Saram, Mohotiaar.
Phi1ip Jeronimus, Motliaar.
Domingo de Saram.
Dionysius Pereyra.
Isaac de Saram.
Don Louis de Leiweer, Mohamdirams van de Attepattoa.
Abraham Casie Chitty, Mallebaansche Tolk.
Sawiel Mardappa.
Pasqual Pieris.
De Mallabaarsche en Singaleesche Meesters, benevens de Scholieren van het Seminarium.


De Ed. Willem van der Mast Limburger, Onderkoopman en eerste gezwooren Clerk.
. . . Bart Jacobus Teyken, Onderkoopman en Soldij overdraager.
. . . Jan Abraham van der Voort, dito, en Secretaris van Justitie.
. . . Jan Christoffel Herscher, Onderkoopman en Sabandhaar.
. . . Adriaan Moens Onderkoopman.
. . . Corne1is Ens, dito.
Johannes de Vos, gezwoore Clerk.
Christiaan Jansz, dito.
Wilh. Phil. Wetzelius, dito.
Carel Frederik Schreuder, Boekhouder.
Adolph Frederik Marci, dito.
Bonefacius Theodorus Koster, Garnisoenschrijver.
Johannes van Gijzel, Boekhouder.
Huybert de la Haye, Gecommitteerde bij den Arreek.
Jan de Run, Boekhouder.
Petrus van Dorth, Consumtieboekhouder.

- individual: Heraut 1898 JAARGANG 2
- death: Ned. Mercurius 1755, bl. 3 ; 1762, bl. 1071

Pieces of the puzzle .

Gegevens van Tomas Maggiel Vlieland uit Sluijsen vlanderen
Datum indiensttreding: 24-05-1755 Datum uit dienst: 00-00-1762
Functie bij indiensttreding: Hooploper Reden uit dienst: Gerepatrieerd
Uitgevaren met het schip: Vrijburg Waar uit dienst: Ruiteveld
Maandbrief: Nee Schuldbrief: Nee

Gegevens van de vaart
Schip: Vrijburg Vertrek: 24-05-1755
Kamer: Zeeland Kaap: 16-09-1755
Inventarisnummer: 13078
Folio: 192 Aankomst: 15-03-1756
Zeeland Archives
Thomas Machiel Vlieland
27 augustus 1768 Vlissingen
12 juli 1764

Commissie / instructie

Thomas Michiel Vlieland
17 juni 1768
Verkoper onroerend goed

Thomas Michiel Vlieland
1764 Vlissingen Lidmaat

Thomas Michiel Vlieland
1764 Vlissingen Notaris

Thomas Michiel Vlieland 7 november 1766 Vlissingen
Koper onroerend goed
Thomas Michiel Vlieland tot pondgaarder aangestelt, 04-08-1764

Datering: 04-08-1764

Beschrijving: Thomas Michiel Vlieland tot pondgaarder aangestelt
Pagina: 395
Inventarisnummer: 5159

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