Monday, 27 September 2010

Thomas Fox of Wellington.

Still trying to find out more about our latest `gem`Jerome Vlieland and his Topsham Mailline we found in the book the life of Thomas Fox of Wellington, serge maker and banker 1747-1821 this quote
'Give my best respects to Captain Vlieland,' he instructed the agent, 'and tell him I would very much wish to see him here. He may come over from Exeter in the morning coach.' But Thomas was under no illusion that peace was likely to last; he knew that the ambitions of Napoleon Buonaparte ...

Who was this Thomas Fox,he was a homespun Quaker.
The Wellington Fox family is descended from Francis Fox by way of Edward Fox of Wadebridge. He was married to Anna Were, whose family had long been established as textile manufacturers in Wellington in the county of Somerset. Their son, Thomas (17 January 1747–29 April 1821) became a partner in the firm and married Sarah Smith, the daughter of Thomas Smith, a London banker. They had 15 children, of whom seven sons and three daughters survived to adulthood. Thomas Fox started a bank in Wellington which rapidly expanded and ran successfully, until it merged with Lloyds Bank in 1921.

The sons who participated in the family business were Thomas (1786–1862), Edward (1789–1845), Sylvanus (1791–1851), Samuel (1794–1874), Henry (1800–1876), Charles (1801–1860) [6

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