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Frederic William Day

Familyresearch is like being a detective.
You start with a clue and then try to solve it by going backwards and let history explain
This week in `who do you think you are `a family with the name Day was part of it .
Then you think , I once came across a Frederic William Day.
And then you start wondering if this Frederic William Day is related to this family?
We looked it up for you !
Starting with his birth in 1862 and NO he is not. Baptism: 13 Jul 1862 St Thomas, Ardwick, Lancashire, England
Frederic William Day - [Child] of John Day & Mary Ann
Born: 4 Jun 1862
Abode: Paddock Street Ardwick
Occupation: Coach Builder
Baptised by: George Philpot Curate
Register: Baptisms 1844 - 1865, Page 237, Entry 1889
Can you remember what Frederic William Day had to do with the Vlieland Family ??????
Heartless Robbery
Frederick William Day ,23 cabman,was indicted for having stolen a watch and chain and earring,value 7l 10s, the goods of Emily Vlieland.-In october last year the prosecutrix, a young woman of rather attractive appearance made the acquaintance of the prisoner at a dancing academy and they subsequently`walked out`as engaged.
He knowing that she was possesed of some money induces her to lend him some towards the purchase of a horse and cab,and she afterwards gave him a portion of her jewellery in order to make up a sufficient sum.
In April last the prisoner called to see her and she then had in her hand a gold watch and chain which he asked her for in order to raise more money so as to let to their earlier marriage:but she declined to let him have them,as they have been bequeathed to her by her mother,who was dead.
She had occasion to leave the room for a few minutes,and on her return the prisoner had disappeared with the watch and chain:and although information had been given to the police, the prisoner was not arresteduntil the beginning of this month.when it was found that he had pledged the property and exchanged the duplicate for some harness.
It was then ascertainedthat the prisoner during the time of this so called courtship had been living with another woman,by whom he had two children
In the result the jury returned a verdict `guilty`and Mr .Fletcher passed sentence of nine month´s hard labour.

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper (London, England)
Sunday, November 1, 1885; Issue 2241.

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