Thursday, 14 February 2013


On Valentines day you think of a love story .
A very sad love story that springs to mind is the love story of William Henry Vlieland.

He had been employed at the Golden Galena restaurant as a waiter but was discharged and later was employed taking orders for H.D.Reed a photographer.
Vlieland has led a life of wild dissipation since he left his home in Harrow -in-Furness England in 1888.
He would not work ,but kept continually writing home to his parents in England for money.
But despite all this ...........
Among the papers of the death man were found a life policy for the Prudencial Life Insurance company for $81 and a policy for $ 1000 with the Mutual Benefit Association in favor of Miss Austine Buerklin of Quincy lll,his fiance.
On a scrap of paper Vlieland had written the name and adress of Miss Buerklin and Mr.Burroughs wrote to the young women yesterday telling her that her that he held a lifepolicy in her favor.
Wonder what happened to Austine.

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