Saturday, 9 February 2013

tent manufacturer.

1911 census: 14 Waterloo St Ipswich widow sack hand with sack and tent manufacturer with children Jessie 17 Dorothy 14 and Douglas 12

In the 1911 census we find that Edith Constance Vlieland is making sacs and tents .

Wondering what they did with those tents in 1911 we googled and found the explanation.

The first ever holiday camp was opened in 1906 looked like this.


During the early 1900s large companies like Bass Breweries organised day trips to Great Yarmouth. Entire factories were transported to the seaside in fleets of trains. Great Yarmouth was taken over by thousands of workers and their families.
Meanwhile, a new type of holiday accommodation started to emerge during the late Victorian era - the holiday camp. The first holiday camp in the UK was opened in 1906 at Caister-on-Sea. By today's standards the camp was very basic with holidaymakers staying in tents and assisting with camp chores. Now a far cry from its humble beginnings, the camp still thrives today, run by Haven with three additional camps nearby in Great Yarmouth and Hopton-on-Sea. Another very popular holiday camp opened in 1924, Potters, which boasted of facilities such as brick chalets, running water and electric lights! However, the Second World War brought about dramatic changes with many of the holiday camps being used as bases by the military.

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