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Shearman Chesterman

The name popped up yesterday and we found lots about him.

MARRIED On the 18th inst at St George's Hanover by the Kev Ceorge Washington Philips JW Noyes of Belle Vue Wilts Esq to Ellen youngest daughter of John Tbarp of Chippenham Cambridgeshire Esq On the lath inst at St Marylebone Church by Rev Mr Gilbert Gilbert BD Shearman Chesterman Esq of Upper Baker street Regent's Park to Anne eldest daughter of Richard Austin Esq of Green Banbury Oxon

May 3 CHESTERMAN Harriet Anne d of Shearman & Mary Anne, Horse Fair, surgeon 3 CHESTERMAN Richard Austin s of Shearman & Mary Anne, Horse Fair.

APPENDIX 607 Your Committee witnessed with much satisfaction the advancement of education with the moral virtues among the children strikingly exemplified in their examination their love of truth their devoted obedience to their preceptors and masters their repentance of past errors and an evident determination to amend The marked improvement of character appears to have been brought about by kindness and strict attention the most important feature of the system After having given the subject their best consideration your Committee think it their duty to recommend to the Board of Directors and Guardians to make immediate arrangements with the Society for the Suppression of Juvenile Vagrancy to receive all the orphan boys of this house above the age of eight years the institution engaging to keep them for the sum of four shillings per week each during the period of their probation and that previously to their being sent to the colonies they shall be inspected by the Board of Guardians who on being satisfied will make farther arrangements to defray the expenses of their voyage and outfit to the Cape of Good Hope or Swan River at the rate of ten pounds and two suits of clothes for each boy Signed Edw P Brenton R Mills Shearman Chesterman W Kensett GA Thursby 1834

Chesterman Mary Anne wife of Shearman Chesterman Esq at Banbury Oxon after nine hours severe suffering from her dress accidentally taking fire aged 42 years 8th Sept 1846.

On the 2nd inst at St Mary's Church Little Brickhill Buck Pinniger Esq of Newbury Berks to Harriett Ann second of Shearman Chesterman Esq of Banbury Ozon 1857

At St Mary's Banbury James second son of Broome Pinniger esq Berks to Mary Jane eldest dau of Chesterman esq of Banbury Oxon

THE MEDICAL OFFICER OF THE BANBURY POOR LAW DISTRICT Letted from Shearman Chesterman Esq Since The severe criticism made in your last number on my conduct in reference to the late vacancy of surgeon to the Banbury district is founded on an ipse dixit statement I now forward you a full and correct epitome of facts a copy of a letter addressed to Messrs Rye Grinibly Griffin Wise Douglas and Smiles my accusers I willingly leave it to your sense of justice to make such reparation that you may deem necessary and to which you consider I am entitled for the injury my character has sustained by the unjust comments in your impression of the 28th iust I am etc Shearman Chesterman ISanbury March 31st 1607 Copy To Messrs Rye Grimbly Griffin Wise Douglas and Smiles Gentlemen You have taken considerable pains to disseminate through the columns of the Banbury Guardian as well an by private circulars false and calumnious charges against myself I will for your information as well as for the public whom you evidently wish to mislead detail a simple and truthful narration of facts which I challenge you to disprove M On the evening of the day Feb 10th that Mr Grimbly resigned the office of Surgeon to the Banbury District he called the medical men together at his house to state the reception he had that day met with at the Board of Guardians after speaking very fully and warmly of the insults he had received he concluded in graphic language peculiar to himself with these words Their conduct was just like a lot of parson and squire justices who had pounced upon an unfortunate poacher they attacked me all of a heap and when I left the room not a single member of the Board took the slightest notice of me He then proceeded to hint that an address of sympathy to him would be acceptable which was at once prepared and signed by all present Some days subsequently I heard from an influential member of the Board that the above account was entirely incorrect It appears that they the Board were desirous of dealing kindly towards him that it was his manner which was so offensive and turbulent and the question for their decision was a charge merely of neglect not a serious one viz not attending properly to a female pauper named Watts upon oue of the Guardians observing it would be better to send the case to the Poor Law Board Mr Grimbly immediately replied I will resign He has since represented in one of our local papers and several medical periodicals that it was a charge trumped up to urge him to resign in consequenea of his having previously applied for an increase of salary The entire members of the Board then present declared the question of salary had nothing whatever to do with his resignation I remarked to him on the evening in question that he should not have resigned but have courted an inquiry He said No the conduct of the Board was so gross towards him he had no alternative He afterwards mentioned to several persons that he would not again accept the appointment unless they increased his salary for he was tired of acting as their officer the pay so inadequate Upon Dr Caparn learning distinctly from reliable information the avowal made by Mr Grimbly he Dr Caparn considered himself freely justified in applying for the vacant office This being done a deputation said to represent yourselves waited upon me in a manner bordering on insult and inquired if I were aware Dr Caparn had taken this step and also wished to be informed if the act received my sanction at the same time charging me to my great astonishment with having pledged myself at the meeting held on the 10th to oppose any person tendering for the vacancy why the manliness to declare his desire and then I venture to assert Dr Capam would not have been a candidate To add to your unjust proceedings you have not hesitated to send printed circulars to be publicly exposed on the table at the library of Guy's Hospital in which Dr Capam and myself were shamefully misrepresented and only made acquainted by mere accident of the fact I am very generally and confidently informed that the combination with the view to injure me is not the result of this misunderstanding but the remnant of an old and rancorous feeling of jealousy that you could no longer conceal and of which until very recently 1 was in utter ignorance I remain gentlemen your obedient servant Shearman Chesterman Banbury March 81st 1857 THE MEDICAL OFFICER OF THE BANBURY POOR LAW DISTRICT Letter from John Caparn MD Sir In your Journal of the 28th inst there is a leading article respecting the appointment of Medical Officer to the Banbury district in which censure is passed upon my conduct for becoming one of the candidates As this has arisen from an ex parte stotement and not from a true knowledge of facts I beg to lay before you the accurate circumstances of the case Mr Grimbly some time before his resignation addressed a letter to the Board of Guardians requesting an increase of salary stating the amount he then received was unremune rative To this application a courteous reply by letter was returned with a promise that it should be considered at the proper time ie the termination of the quarter That this was the case I am given to understand by the clerk of the Board At a subsequent meeting a charge of neglect against Mr Grimbly was brought forward by one of the Guardians which charge he Mr Grimbly indignantly and in the most intemperate lauguage denied and from the evidence of two gentlemen present of the highest respectability and standing in society it would appear that so far from his being treated in the rude and arbitrary way he had represented he was met with a kindly and courteous manner But a suggestion having arisen that the charge had better be referred for discussion to the Poor law Board he at once exclaimed I ll resign After he had resigned he was desirous that it should appear to his friends and the profession that he had been induced to throw up the appointment on the question of salary notwithstanding assurance had previously been given him officially that that point should be duly considered and which question at that meeting was not even under discussion After this an inaccurate statement is supposed to have been given to your Journal which statement drew forth these stringent remarks on the conduct of the Guardians and which also by the misrepresentation was the means of obtaining the signature to a vote of sympathy given by the medical men of this town In reference to the meeting at which I was present so par ticularly alluded to in the Lancet medical journal permit mo to stnte that it was not convened for the purpose of discussing the subject of the resignation but was simply a periodical mouthly meeting of the members of the North Oxfordshire Medical and Chirurgical Society a paper was then read by Mr Chesterman entitled Practical Observations on Croup Tho business part of the meeting having terminated and whilst the members were enjoying the hospitality of the gentlemen at whose house they were assembled Mr Grimbly somewhat unwisely started to the surprise of several persons present the subject of his misunderstanding with the Board The observations which then fell from him were calculated to impress me with a belief that he did not under any circumstances again intend accepting the office which he had thrown up I 287

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