Thursday, 23 May 2013

Arthur Candler

Arthur Candler son of Lawrence Candler and 
Anna Maria Vlieland.

His parents marriage was 22 Jan 1856 at St Michaels Plea Norwich
Lawrence Candler Corn Merchant .son of Laurence Candler corn merchant.
22 Jan 1856 at St Michaels Plea Norwich to
Anna Maria Vlieland.

The Entry in The Shakespeare Birthday Book owned by Alice Stevens nee Vlieland.shows dob:
Births Sep 1864 CANDLER Arthur Witham 4a 302
1871 census: Gremsley, Crook & Billy Row with parents 8 siblings and servant age 6 - Auther
1881 Census:East Lodge, Crook & Billy Row, Co. Durham - 16 with parents and 9 siblings
1901 census: 1, Lime Grove, Hammersmith - age 36 - Bank Accountant
1911 census: 1 Lime Grove, Shepherds Bush 46 bank clerk single
1912: executor of father Lawrence's will - shown as 'bank clerk'
29 Jan 1947 executor of sister Edith's will described as: 'retired principal bank clerk'
20 Mar 1948 executor of sister Isabel's will described as: 'retired principal bank clerk' (both sisters live/die at 24 Hazlewood Rd)
death q1 1950 Age at Death: 85 Wandsworth Vol: 5d Page: 926
Death: 22 Feb 1950 - 24 Hazlewood road Putney Surrey,
Probate Date: 29 Apr 1950 Registry: London, England to Kenneth Douglas Keay, minister of religion effects: £14,527 16s 7d (note: sister Anna married Joseph Hay Keay - these are Kenneth's parents)

He was with his grandmother when she died .

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