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Samuel Vlieland Candler

Trying to find the East lodge in Crook we found a reference to Samuel Vlieland Candler born Jun 1863 Henstead and death in Newcastle upon Tyne 1929

He was the son of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland.
entree in the Tasburgh baptism register.
690 12/04/1863 Isabel CANDLER Lawrence CANDLER Miller Anna Maria
691 12/04/1863 Thomas Edward CANDLER Lawrence CANDLER Miller Anna Maria
692 12/04/1863 Samuel Vlieland CANDLER Lawrence CANDLER Miller Anna Maria
Baptisms 1813 to 1880 we find 3 Candlers baptised on the same date.
The parish of Tasburgh lies in central southern Norfolk south of the city of Norwich and adjacent to the main A140 road which links Norwich with Ipswich. As its name suggests the village lies in the River Tas valley. The village is built on slightly higher ground in the angle between the Tas and a major tributary arriving from the east. The heart of the village lies on an westward leading lane off the A140 and running just above the flood plain on dry ground.

St Mary's church is old possible Anglo-Saxon in part as evidenced by the well preserved round tower which is often indicative of an early date. The church, built at the western end of the village, sits in a pleasant churchyard with views over the Tas valley. Other than the tower the main body of the church is typical Norfolk Perpendicular with the almost obligatory Victorian improvements, in this case an excellent hammerbeam roof.

Mr. R. H. Oughton was appointed to draw up plans 
and specifications for the extensions, and in this work 
he had an able assistant in Mr. Samuel Candler, a son of 
the late Mr. L. Candler, East Lodge. Mr. S. Candler is 
at the present time a valued member of the committee. 

And about the Mechanics' Institute Crook .
In the last few years many improvements have been made.
The building contains a large public hall, holding seven hundred persons, a library of nearly one thousand three hundred volumes, reading room and ante-rooms, and a bilhard room containing two tables. The billiard players attached to the place have always been of more than average local ability.
The membership varies from two hundred and fifty to three hundred,
paying an annual subscription of four shillings ; ladies paying two shillings.
Mr. Edward Milburn, now residing at Tow Law, was secretary for some years.
He was succeeded by Mr. Thomas Burnip, the present respected secretary of the local Co-operative Society.
Mr. Burnip held the post of secretary for twenty-seven years, and much of the
success attaching to the Institute has been the result of his capable handling of its affairs.
Mr. E. F. Peart is the present secretary, and Mr. Samuel Candler, a prominent townsman, is president.
The Institute possesses a handsome cup, valued at fifty-five guineas, which was won outright in a miners' billiard competition some years ago.
The billiard team, since that success, has also won the Bishop Auckland and
District League championship on five occasions, and the Crook and District League once.

he married Margaret Ellen Brougham on the 24 December 1888 in Durham .
The was a special license needed because the bride was to young.
Their son is Arnold Brougham Candler born dec 1889.Auckland.

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