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Exeter wedding

The bride and bridegroom leaving the cathedral on the occasion of the wedding of the daughter of the mayor and mayoress of Exeter (DR C.J.and Mrs Vlieland

The wedding of Phoebe Vlieland and Dudley Batty 
from the Devon and Exeter Gazette June 26 1912 
The marriage of Dudley Batty and Phoebe Mary Vlieland 

AN EXETER WEDDING. Walsh, photograph frame; Mrs. Edgar Ware, tot pins; iMir., JVlrs., and the Misses Wright, silver cigarette case. The Lord Bishop of Marlborough's gift to the bride was a pa.per-knifg in case, with heavy chased silver handle, and on the long ivory blade were engraved miniature representations tlie Cathedral, the Guildhall, the Cap of Maintenance, and the City Arms. In addition, it (bore the following verse, written by hie lordship:— Forget not, Bride, whatever lot be thine, Tihe .Ever Faithful .City and its Shrine ; The City where thy parent sat as head, The Holy (Shrine in whidh his ohi'ld was wed. lave worthy both, all happiness -be thine. The honoured parent and tihe Holy Shrine. The design was the work Messrs. Depree and Young, Exeiter. - During afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Batty lerflt for the Continent to spend the honeymoon in Belgium and Holland. The bride's travelling dress was of saxe blue silk eolienne, with coatee of laoe the same colour, and sash of silk. Her hat was white bagel, with blue Lancer plumes and shaded pansies. The costume was supplied Messrs. Bros., as also other portions her trousseau. Mr. W. J. Coombes, the Princes Nurseries, St. Thomas, supplied .the wedding bell and sniilax decorations at the Guildhall, the flowers, palms, etc., at the Cathedral, and a bouquet for the Mayoress. A canopy at the Guildhall, the carpeting of the nave at the Cathedral, and the erection of the porch the West door were the work of Mr. R. M. Flint, of Exeter. The wedding ,cake was supplied by Messrs., Goff, and Co., Broadgate. They also were entrusted with the catering. The bride's dresses and those of the bridesmaids and the bride's mother were designed and made by Messrs. Green and Son, Exeter. Messrs. Rush and Co. supplied the wedding bouquetsy Mr. J. Browning, art photographer, of Exeter, took the wedding portraits. 'Die silver fl-ay and the brooch that were the City's gifts the bride were supplied Mr. W. U. Lisle, Fore-street, Exeter. "

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