Saturday, 2 November 2013

Elisabeth Maria Arnold

E.M.Arnold was the wife of Cornelis Pieter Vlieland.
Their son Cornelis Pieter  was born in 1928.
He went to South Africa as a child and went to live in England at the age of 21.
Elisabeth Maria Arnold was born 1 november 1887 Oegstgeest Netherlands.
Birthdate of her sister Helena Arnold  is the same so they are twins. .
They are children of John Samuel Arnold and Helena Jacoba Maria van Randwijk .
John Samuel Arnold  was cigar seller.He was born in Delft April 6 1853
Helena Jacoba Maria van Randwijk  they were married in Scheveningen Oct 22 1884
other children are also  born in Oegstgeest 
Hermanus Nicolaas Arnold born 1885
Marianna Arnold born 1889
Louisa Arnold  born 1890 

certificate  in needlework

teacher in needlework

certificate as pharmacist assistant

established in Leiden

established in leiden

death of her twinsister

moved to Pretoria

death in leiden 

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