Thursday, 7 November 2013


Looking for information in the Canadian archives ,the name Parker pops up,as several members of the Parker family emigrated to Canada .
Not quite ready to publish and still searching in the Canadian  database we received a mail today from his great grandson Leonard J. Parker 
To quote Gilly it must be  `Serendipity `
He told us that Frank Vlieland Parker had a son Leonard Percy Parker , from the Isle of Wight , who sadly died aged 28 at Dunkirk , France during WWII. 
His son is Leonard Frank Maurice Parker .
And his son send us a mail ..
Frank Vlieland Parker's other son , Vieland Parker ( no 'l' ) also lived on the Isle of Wight and died in his mid-90s. 
I always wondered where his name originated from , and thanks to your wonderful family history blog , I now have my answer !
Thanks Len for this information.

The other sons name is George Vieland Parker and he is born on the Isle of Wight June 1910 (free BMD)His marriage to Phyllis M.M. Cotton was in December 1938

Leonard Percy Parker is born June 1913.He married in Dec 1938 and died aged 28 at Dunkirk.

And there is also a Kenneth Wallace .Parker born Sept 1914
And a Pearl Marjorie  Parker June 1919 marriage Edward S . Kitley in june 1938

And Eric Frederick  Parker  in March 1924

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