Sunday, 9 November 2014

Jeron Vlieland

a photo of a page from a wharfinger's journal from the port of Exeter, (Reference Devon Record Office a1/4) which shows the cargo of cloth on the Post van Topsham on its sailing for Rotterdam on 8 February 1791.
It shows the number of bales of cloth loaded aboard for that voyage, by each of the following merchants:
Weres & Co is the same as Thomas Fox of Wellington
James Pulling, Smales & Dennys, Benjamin Dickinson, John Besly, Messrs Dunsfords and George & William Lewis are all from Tiverton
Baring & Co are from Exeter.

Thanks to Peter Maunder for this great information.
Some transcripts used for insurance purposes van de jonge Maria 
More about Jeroen Vlieland .

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