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Sylvia Wyse West

Sylvia Wyse West was the daughter of Joseph Walter West and Ada Caroline Wise .
She married Hugh Chesterman.

Birth:Nov. 21, 1895, England
Death:Jun. 20, 1981, England
Sylvia Wyse <i>West</i> Chesterman

 Sylvia Wyse <i>West</i> Chesterman

They had two daughters 
1. Jenifer Chesterman
Birth: May 31, 1927, Uxbridge England
Death: Sep. 14, 2002, England
She married William J..Brown
2. Elizabeth.Chesterman born 1930 Uxbridge who married Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton
They had a son Nicholas John Swinnerton.
first marriage of Charles G.D.Swinnerton was with Ann Fairley Clarke 1949 Oxford
They had 2 sons Robert C and Andrew Swinnerton.
second marriage Elizabeth.Chesterman born 1930 Uxbridge in 1966 Ploughley Oxon
They had a son Nicholas John Swinnerton.

Iris Lillian Pechell West is the sister of Sylvia Wyse West.

Joseph Walter West  married Croydon, Surrey in 1891, Ada Caroline Wise and after living at Croydon, Harrow and Northwood, in 1911 a 50 year old 'artist painter in oil and watercolour, illustrator, engraver' living at The Vane, Uxbridge, Middlesex with his 50 year old wife Ada and their four daughters, Iris Lilian Pechell 18, Marjorie Grace Halbourn 17, Sylvia Wyse 15 and Victoria Cicely Grafton 13. 

J Walter West HeadM40Hull, Yorkshire
Ada C WestWifeF40Croydon, Surrey
Iris L P WestDaughterF8Croydon, Surrey
Marjorie G WestDaughterF7Harrow, Middlesex
Sylvia W WestDaughterF5Northwood, Middlesex
Victoria C C WestDaughterF3Northwood, Middlesex
Eliza S PriestF45Hawley, Kent
Edith PorterF30Mayfield, Sussex
Emma WattsF16N K, Cambridgeshire
More on Hugh Chesterman and more on Sylvia Wyse  West.

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