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The Monumental Inscriptions in Stalisfield Churchyard

The Monumental Inscriptions in Stalisfield Churchyard
In the churchyard of St Mary’s Church Stalisfield are four family graves. Two, on the North side, we know all about:
16. Frances Elizabeth wife of the Rev. J.N. VLIELAND, Vicar of this Parish. Died 20th August 1864, aged 38.
17. The Rev. Jerome Nicholas VLIELAND for 18 years Vicar of this Parish. Died 22nd January 1877, aged 51.
One, on the North East side, we also know:
20. Ann SAMWORTH, 31st December 1871, aged 88.
But one is new to us, and very Vlieland-related:
18. Helena MILLEN, 3rd May 1860 aged 18 months.
This is the eldest child of Phoebe Coulson and William Millen, born in November 1858, the older sister of Alice Edith Millen.

The inscriptions were numbered and copied down in September 1920 by Leland Lewis Duncan, a noted antiquarian and author who originally catalogued the churchyard inscriptions in pencil in his field notebooks. These were typed up for the Kent Archeological Society by Christine Pantrey and checked by Zena Bamping, posted on their website in April 2007. Information on Duncan comes from Frank Bamping’s post for the Society of January 2001 and help also comes from Ted Connell:

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