Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Thomas Robert Dunn

My gx2 Granddad - Thomas Robert Dunn, the father of Thomas Dunn of the SS Atlantic (of the blog) was one of those who died in the epidemic of 1949* (and thus, the son of one of my great x 3 grandfathers Jerome Nicholas Vlieland, was praying for the life of those, such as the son of another great x 3 grandfathers Thomas Dunn).  

The death of their father when he was (just) four and had two younger siblings, no doubt led Thomas Dunn Junior to become a boy sailor on HMS Pembroke** and later to be shipwrecked on SS Atlantic.  

No doubt the dire straits of his family also caused younger brother David William (just one when his father died) to ship to Melbourne Australia, where one son, Frederick John - painted on his winning 1901 mount) and two sons of daughter Susannah Catherine all became famous jockeys and won the renowned Melbourne Cup (and one of them ("Darby" Munro to be declared Australia's Greatest Jockey and be commemorated on a 1922 stamp).

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