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Evershed Chapman

Evershed Chapman
He was born in 1806 as son Of Philip Chapman and Sarah Evershed.
He died in March 1858 Leominster.
He married Eliza Morgan and they had at least 5 children .
1.Philip Chapman;
husband of Mary Silviamah Naidoo
Father of Dorosamy Francis Naidoo-Chapman en Mary 'Bigmah' Williams

2.Sarah Chapman;
3.Marian Chapman;

4.Paul M Chapman;
husband of Alice E Chapman
Father of Rowland P Chapman; Hubert Chapman en Philip Evershed

5 Edwin Levers Chapman

On Curious fox we find this message
Dr Paul M Chapman
I have been researching my family history for over twenty years following the trail through Africa, India, France and finally to the UK and Wales. I am hoping someone in your area would be able to provide any information on a Dr Paul M Chapman (B1852-D1932) and his wife Alice E Chapman (B1862-D?). I believe Alice E Chapman was born somewhere near Cascob, Radnorshire. Unfortunately I do not know what her maiden name was. I know that they had three sons, one of them (named for my great grand father) died at Suvla Bay in 1915. I believe his name was Philip Evershed Chapman. I have discovered that Dr Paul M Chapman was my great grandfather's brother (Philip Chapman B1844-D1889). My great grand father (Philip) traveled to South Africa in 1878 and had two children there ( Mary(B1880-1966) & Francis (1882-1938)). Unfortunately in April 1889 he took ill and returned to England and died in October 1889 at his brothers (Paul) residence/surgery at "1 St Johns St Hereford". All of Philip's descendents are from his son, Francis. His daughter had no children. I Hope these snippets may trigger some memories. Thank you for your time. Keran, Australia.

This message is from 2009 and we tried to contact Keran.,but sofar no luck.

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