Saturday, 17 June 2017

Harold Blomfield Brown (1885 - 1964)

Harold Blomfield-Brown born 22 April 1885 in Geelong Victoria Australia  and died in the age of 78 years in 1964.

He was born as son of Henry Blomfield Brown and Minna Spencer Wills.
He owned an ananasplantation in Honolulu.

He married Bertha Emresa DICKEY

From this plantation we found 

A Pacific Industry: The History of Pineapple Canning in HawaiiDoor Richard A. Hawkins

J 'xs. Blomfield Brown, Carmel, Mathoura
Fix this textroad, Toorak (Melbourne), Is expecting her
son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Blomfield Brown, with their daugh
ter, Bertha, on a visit from their home in
Honolulu. They are arriving by the
Mariposa on November 9, and will stay
at the Oriental Hotel, Collins street.

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