Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Henry Blomfield Brown in the papers

yesterday before Mr T. D. S. fleron, P.M.,
to consider the application of Henry Blom
field Brown for a lease of the Elsie gold
mining claim, situated at Steiglitz, No
objections were submitted, and the necesa
sary evidence having been taken, the oonrt
was adjourned pending the decision of the
Minister of Mines on the application.
May 29 1888

The County Court was opened to-day,
before Deputy Judge Johnston, but settle-
ments were effected in all tine cases listed,
except that in .which Henry Blomfield
Brown, auctioneer and estate agent,
claimed £22/10/ from Koderick Al 'Innes,
commission on the sale of a property. The
actual transaction was .ompleted by
another agent, but lüs Honour held that
plaintiff had brought about the sale, and
gave a judgment for the full amount, withcosts.

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