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Johannes Hollander

A very sad story today in the newspaper about a Johannes Hollander in 1820.
It says.
Missing since last Saturday afternoon a CHILD ,
10 years old ,named Johannes de Hollander ,
dressed in a dark blue shirt ,with patches on it,
darkblue vest,light grey trousers ,
grey stockings , shoes with belts and bareheaded.
He who brings this child alive or dead to the grieving  parents ,
living on the corner of biscuitlane ,will be rewarded generous.
Although we cannot find a connection to Jerome Nicholas Vlieland or his father Johannes Hollander it is still a sad story .
We learn from his death certificate his full name .Johannes Jeroen Hollander (John Jerome)
his deathcertificate 

                                                                         his birth certificate

and his parents marriage certificate

here his family tree

I. Joannes Hyeronimus (Jeroense) den Hollander. He is baptised 7 January 1811 at  Leiden [source]. At his baptism  Joannes were these witnesses : Apollonia (Pleuntje) den Hollander en Gerardus Vink. Joannes died  6 June 1821 at Leiden, 10 years ols  [source  Archives Leiden].Adres: Beschuitsteeg, wijk 7, no. 914, Leiden [bron: Digi-archief Leiden]<br />
II. Jacobus den Hollander, born  18 March 1813 at  Leiden. Van de geboorte is aangifte gedaan op 18 maart 1813 [bron: Archief Leiden]. Jacobus died 25 November 1815 at Leiden, 2 years  old .Adres: van 18-03-1813 tot 25-11-1815 Beschuitsteeg, kanton 1, wijk 7, no 914, Leiden (eind datum is van overlijden) [bron: Digi-archief Leiden]<br />
<br />
III. Johanna den Hollander, born 7 Januari 1815 in Leiden. Van de geboorte is aangifte gedaan op 7 januari 1815 [bron: Archief Leiden].Adres: Beschuitsteeg, wijk 7 no 714, Leiden [bron: Digi-archief Leiden]Johanna married , 35 years old , 13 November 1850 at Leiden [bron: Digi-archief Leiden] met Dirk de Jong, 26 years old . Dirk is born   1 Januari 1824 at  Oegstgeest, son of  Willem de Jong en Catharina Schuilderman.Adres: Wateringen [bron: Regionaal Archief Leiden] <br />
occupation:sawmillhelp [bron: Regionaal Archief Leiden]   Child of Johanna and Dirk:<br />
1 Maria Hendrica Johanna de Jong,born 30 December 1856 at Leiden.Adres: Wateringen [bron: Regionaal Archief Leiden]<br />
<br />
IV. Jacobus den Hollander, born on 8 April 1817 in Leiden. The birth was registered on April 8, 1817 [Source: Archive Leiden].
(1) married, 27 years, on October 31, 1844 in Leiden [source: Digi-archive Leiden] to Henrica Nagtegeller, 21 years old. Henriette was born on March 5, 1823 in Leiden, daughter of Anthony Joseph Nagtegeller and Johanna Jacoba Kalkman. Henrica is deceased before 1865, more than 42 years old.
Children of Jacobus and Henrica:
1 Maria Johanna Jacoba den Hollander, born 13 March 1845 in Leiden. Maria married, 26 years, on November 3, 1871 in Leiden Thomas Bernard Bekkering, 52 or 53 years old. Thomas was born in 1818. [Source: ~ Vitelcom / geneaweb / Noordwijk.htm # p745]
2 Johanna Catharina den Hollander, born 13 September 1847 in Leiden.
3 Johanna Jacoba Hendrica den Hollander, born on January 7, 1850 in Leiden.
4 Maria Hendrica den Hollander, born 20 November 1852 in Leiden.
5 Theodora Johanna den Hollander, born 11 December 1855 in Leiden. Theodora married, 23 years, on February 7, 1879 in Leiden Henry John Frost, about 23 years old. Henry was born about 1856.
6 Anthony John Hollander, born 24 October 1858 in Leiden. . (2) married, 47 years, on February 8, 1865 in Leiden [source: Digi-archive Leiden] Johanna Passant, 43 or 44 years old. Johanna was born in 1821, daughter of John Passant and Wilhelmina Sommeling. Johanna is deceased.
V. Cornelis Johannes den Hollander, born 18 July 1819 in Leiden. The birth was registered on July 18, 1819 [Source: Archive Leiden]. Occupation: Skipper [source: Regional Archives Leiden] Cornelis married, 32 years, on 26 May 1852 in Leiden [source: Digi-archive Leiden] Johanna Consider Maria, 30 years old. Johanna was born on March 17, 1822 in Leiden, daughter of William and Sarah Consider Noordeloos.Beroep: seamstress [source: Regional Archives Leiden]
VI. John Jeroense den Hollander, born 23 December 1821 in Leiden. John is deceased on March 1, 1825 in Leiden, 3 years [source: Archives Leiden]. Address: Beschuitsteeg, district 7 no 914, Leiden
VII. Jeroense Peter (Pieter) den Hollander, born after May 1, 1823 in Leiden. The birth was registered on 27 May 1823 [source: Archives Leiden]. Peter is deceased on November 26, 1823 in Leiden, maximum 6 months old [source: Archives Leiden].
VIII. Gerardus Johannes den Hollander, born 24 December 1824 in Leiden.Adres: from 12/24/1824 Torensteeg District 7 No. 914, Leiden [source: Digi-archive Leiden] Gerardus age of 24 years, on June 6, 1849 in Leiden [ Source: Archives Leiden] Helena Heemskerk, 28 years old. Helena was born on 26 June 1820 in Noordwijk, daughter of Cornelis Heemskerk and Jansje Wassenaar.Beroep: Maid
Children of Gerardus and Helena:
1 Maria Johanna Helena den Hollander, born 28 July 1849 in Leiden.
2 Johannes Gerardus den Hollander, born 10 December 1851 in Leiden.
The grieving parents are John (Jan) den Hollander and Maria Beekman
He was born on December 10, 1788 in Amsterdam. He was baptized on 10 December 1788 in Amsterdam [source: Archives of Amsterdam]. At the baptism of John were the following witnesses: Cornelis Hollander and Aagje van der Waart.Jan is deceased on February 27, 1850 in Leiden, 61 years old. He was buried on 4 March 1850 in Leiden.Adres: Beschuitsteeg, Leiden
of ± 1813 laborer [source: Digi-archive Leiden]
porter of ± 1815 [source: Digi-archive Leiden]
of ± 1824 wine worker [source: Digi-archive Leiden]
Religion: RK from 12.10.1788 (Pastor anthem Reinerus Tree
baptized 10 December 1788 Religion Roman Catholic Church The Posthoorn)
Buried: from 03/04/1850 d. ? February 27, 1850 in Leiden, Buried in Leiden, at the Catholic cemetery Zijlpoort.?, 61 years, d. ? 4 Mar 1850 in Leiden. [Source: married, 21 years, on May 5, 1810 in Leiden [source: Digi-archive Leiden] metJoannes married, 21 years, on May 5, 1810 in Leiden
All this information from the internetfamily tree of F.Witsche
Maria  Beekman 
daughter of Jacob Beekman and Maria Westerman., bapt ‎17 Apr 1786 Zoeterwoude,
Died ‎25 OCT 1855 Oegstgeest, burial Leiden, at the Rc begraafplaats Zijlpoort;
widow of Johannes den Hollander.‎, abt 69 jaar, bur ‎29 okt 1855 Leiden
Witnesses at their wedding were Trijntje Beekman her sister and Thomas Hollander his brother .

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