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Tench James White

White, Tench James, teacher and dealer
in musical instruments, born at Canterbury
in 1830. Chorister in Canterbury Cathedral,
1839, and pupil of T. E. Jones, and Dr. Long-
hurst. After leaving the Cathedral he became
organist of St. Mildred's Church, Canterbury.
Conductor, for man}' years, of the St. Lawrence
]\Iusical Society, Canterbury. Song composer
and editor of "Tench White's organ, har-
monium, and American organ library." Many
of his songs were published under the nom de
plume of Arthur Hare. He died at Canter-
bury, March 14, 1891.

Baptism record 08/02/1829 at St Alphege, Canterbury shows parents John (Carpenter) and Anne of King Street
Chorister at Canterbury Cathedral
1841 census: Black Friars, St Alphage, Canterbury with widowed mother and 2 sisters age 12 (transcribed as Finch)
1851 census: 6, Love Lane, St Pauls, Canterbury with widowed mother and brother age 22
Tench was a teacher and dealer in musical instruments and pupil of TE Jones and Dr Longhurst.1861 census: 16 Bridge Street Canterbury with brother 2 sisters and widowed Mother age 29 head - professor of music

Marriages q1 1862 White Tench James = Matthews Sara Canterbury 2a 657
January 1862 date on marriage certificate is indistinct could be 20/28/29
his father shown as John White - Carpenter hers as James Samuel Matthews - Dealer in Fancy Goods - witnesses her father and sister Emily Matthews
1862 Kelly's Directory: Tench White 4 Lower Bridge street Professor Of Music
The St. Clair quadrille, for the Pianoforte by Tench James White pub 1863)
Sat 28 Apr 1866 Kentish Chronicle Mr Tench White's new Quadrille, composed expressly for the Society, was produced.on the occasion, and was very much approved of. It is about to be published, in a very handsome emblematical cover
Sat 06 Jul 1867 , Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald Tench White has just published a light and elegant little piece of dance music, under the title of The Canterbury Volunteer Fire Brigade Galop. (sic) Like most of Mr. White's productions it possesses no little originality, and is sure to be a favourite the ball rooms
Tuesday 13 August 1867 Kentish Gazette - THE CANTERBURY CRICKET WEEK WALTZ By Arthur R. Dekino.—Price 4s. TO be had at half-price of Tench White, 42, St. George's Street, Canterbury.
Saturday 26 June 1869 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - The song is published by Mr. Tench White, St. Georges Street
Saturday 28 August 1869 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - New Music.—Mr. Tench White has just published a new waltz called the " Spirit of the Stream."
July 30, 1870 The Examiner / Kent Herald Boulogne reception - St Lawrence Musical Society conductor Tench White played for Mayor and Gold Medal of Societe Bienfaisance presented to Tench ;
1871 census: St George Street, St George The Martyr, Canterbury with spouse three children and 2 servants age 39 (shown as: Tench J White)
SE Gazette, Tue 17 Oct 1871 Page 6 Special Constables - Yesterday (monday) the following appointments of Special Constables were made by the City Justices: .... St George the Martyr Tench James White
organist at St Mildreds church for many years and conductor of St Lawrence Musical Society Canterbury
Friday, August 06,1875 The Standard (London), - report of Wednesday nights county ball at the Canterbury Music Hall attended by 300 people to the music of the local Quadrille Band conducted by Mr Tench White
1880 Country Tuner Wanted. Permanency to one who understands regulating and repairs; also a knowledge of American Organs and Harmoniums. None but first class candidates need apply to Mr. Tench White, 42 St. George's Street, Canterbury. Musical Times - (42 St. George's Street was his address and a Pianoforte Warehouse),
Saturday 07 July 1877 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Great Fire in St. George's Street.—A very serious fire broke out in the front shop of Mr. W. Sanderson's -wine and spirit vaults, in St. George's Street, on Thursday afternoon, which was not subdued until damage to between 17,000 and £8,000 had been done. The fire originated in this way—two of Mr. Sanderson's men were engaged in cleansing a large vat which had contained gin, and in order to see whether the inside was properly cleaned out Mr. Sanderson incautiously placed lighted taper at the bunghole, and almost instantaneously the inside of the vat, being saturated with the spirit mentioned, caught fire. With the view of extingriishing the flames Mr. Sanderson and his son stopped up the bung-hole ; this caused an explosion, and the flames I spreading to another large vat containing brandy, the shop in a moment or two was on fire. The flames rushed out of the front doors into the street, stretching quite half-way across the road,- and, assisted in their fury by the breeze blowing the time, they soon got a firm hold. The utmost consternation prevailed in the street, and people rushed in all directions shouting " Fire! fire!" The various fire brigades were soon on the spot, but before they could be got to work with the hose the fire had ascended and reached the upstairs rooms over the shop. There was no time to save anything .the flames soon reaching the top storey and bursting through the roof. They spread to the adjoining houses on either side —that occupied by Mr. E. Stickalls, hairdresser, being the most seriously damaged. Those of Mr. Tench White, music seller, and Mr. Hart, tobacconist, were also in great danger, but fortunately the flames were kept from getting anything like a hold of them; both, however, suffered considerably by water. Had the fire occurred few years ago, when Canterbury had not the splendid water supply it can now boast of. at least one-half of that side of the street must have been burnt to the ground
1881 census: 42, St Georges Street, Canterbury St George The Martyr with spouse four children and servant age 52 (shown as: Tench J White)
1882 Kelly's Directory: Tench James White 42 St George's St Music Publisher, Pianoforte Warehouse Music & Musical Instrument Dealer
The Graphic (London, England), Saturday, May 1, 1886 New Music reports "a merry little love song": Fair Inez words by Thomas Hood Music by Bartle Grant / Tench J White (Canterbury)
The Graphic (London), Saturday, June 2, 1888 New Music notes that "Book 2 of Tench White's organ harmonium and Americal organ library contains 12 useful and well written pieces for sacred and secular purposes by Tench Jas White (Canterbury)
The Graphic (London), Saturday, April 27, 1889 details book 3 of above
Saturday 08 February 1890 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Royal College of Music—A preliminary examination of local candidates for the open free scholarships The examiners will be Mr. Tench White (president), ...
Sat 30 Aug 1890 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Mr. Tench White, the well-known musical conductor, tbis city, is, we are sorry to hear, seriously ill. He was suddenly seized with indisposition while travelling on the railway a law days ago.
Sat 18 Oct 1890 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Mr. Tench White, of St George's Street, who recently had a severe illness from which he appeared to have entirely recovered, has during the last few days had a serious relapse, and now lies in a critical condition.
Saturday 21 March 1891 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - The late Mr. Tench White.-Not only Canterbury and its immediate neighbourhood, bat the whole East Kant, the death of Mr. Tench White, of St. George's Street, the well-known musician and conductor, will be sincerely regretted and felt as an extremely painful event. Mr. White was a professional man no ordinary ability ... His heart and soul were his profession, and he was most industrious and painstaking teacher, while as a conductor he was efficiency itself. A pupil of Mr. George Mount, the well-known London conductor, Mr. White rapidly made his way as a double bass player, of which instrument be was a perfect master. had a youth received musical instruction first as a chorister at the Cathedral, then from the late Mr. T. Evan Jones and afterwards from Dr. Longhurst, who succeeded Mr. Jonas as the Cathedral organist. About 27 years ago, mainly on the advice of his friend Mr. John Brinsmead, he opened a music warehouse and business as a music publisher in St. George's Street, which be has carried on ever since. About two or three years prior to the above named period Mr. Wriite originated the Canterbury Septet Band, ... and subsequently he was instrumental, together with a few other musical gentlemen in the city, in forming the St. Lawrence Amateur Musical Society, which be was the indefatigable conductor from the beginning down to the time of bis death. ... given its services gratuitously at entertainments in the cause of charity, ... For many years he was associated with the Wandering Minstrels in the orchestra at Canterrbury Theatre ... also achieved a considerable measure principal pieces being overture ('*"Une Songe"). the "March Mambron" (dedicated to Dr. J. G. Beaney, M.P, of Melbourne)," The Capstan," " Knight and Lady," Sympathy," " The Village Bride," and " The Fire Brigade " (a vocal duet). Some of these pieces appeared as the compositions of " Arthur Clare," wbich was Mr. White's norn plume. He was likewise organist of great ability, having filled that post, together with the office of choirmaster, first at St. Mildred's church, and afterwards, ' down to the time of his death, at the Presbyterian church. Mr. White, wbo leaves widow and family of one son and three daughters, had been ill since last September, suffering from an affection of the heart, and the end came early tbe morning of Saturday last. He was sixty years of age.
Death Reg: Mar 1891 Tench James White Age at Death: 60 Canterbury 2a 584
died at 42 St Georges Street Canterbury with wife in attendance
26 March 1891 Buried in Canterbury new cemetery
Saturday 28 March 1891 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - The remains of the late Mr. Tench James White, of St George's Street, Canterbury, were interred on Thursday afternoon in the new Cemetery. Along the route from the residence the place of interment,there were many evidences of mourning, and the large gathering the Cemetery included not only many persons, but. was largely made up of those with whom Mr. White bas been associated in local musical circles. The officiating minister was the Rev. J. Patterson, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, who performed the last sad rites with the utmost solemnity, and the scene at the graveside was especially impressive. The singing of the beautiful hymn, "Peace, perfect peace," was particularly pathetic and appropriate. The coffin bare the inscription ' Tench James White, Died 14th Marcb, 1891, Aged 60 years,"—and covered by a profusion of lovely wreaths. The chief mourners were Mrs. Tench White, Mr. F. J. White, the Misses White, Mr. S White (brother), and Mr. Mason (brother-in-law). Others present included the Mayor of Canterbury. On Sunday evening last a very large congregation assembled at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church to pay a last tribute of respect to the memory of their friend and brother, the late Mr. Tench White. ... The service throughout was most impressive, and the close when Mr. Court sen., who presided at tbe organ, played the" Dead March "in Saul, there were few dry eyes in the sacred edifice. The Rev. J. Patterson, the preacher, took for his text the last clause of the 18th verse of the 20th chapter of the first book of Samuel, " Thou shalt be missed because thy seat will be empty." Upon this he based a very touching and eloquent allusion
Date of death also shown in British Musical Biography Dictionary (Cambridge Press)to the death of Mr. White, which affected many among the congregation to tears.

Probate granted 29/05/1891 proved by widow Sara White and son Frederick James White (also Professor of Music) both of that address and Joseph Stanley of London Road Canterbury - the executors
Estate: £1,312 17s 4d
Many of his songs were published under the nom de plume Arthur Hare
Saturday 08 August 1891 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Since the last anniversary death has removed Mr. Tench White, for so many years the conductor of the (St. Lawrence Amateur Musical) Society, whose services were heartily appreciated by the Old Stagers

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