Saturday, 14 September 2013

Barones Minckwitz

Remember Barones de Minckwitz .In the London Gazette we find


The Barones was one of the passengers on Jan Vlielands ship The Johanna Wilhelmina .
She was captured and taken to the police station.
She decided to say nothing and not answering the question of police officer Marivault .
She had to go to the prison.
After just one day she decided to tell everything she knew.
She had a `parlour in London `where smugglers and the mistresses of the princes and spies were her clientele.
She told Marivault that luggage of Boutmy (another passenger ) was sent to London on pretend herringfishing ships.
Marivault searched the premises of Boutmy and found some letters .
He ordered that Boutmy would go to prison.
But after paying a fine Boutmy was soon released .
Barones Minckwitz went to Rotterdam after her release and lived there with Lady Forsyth.
After a while the Baroness went back to England .However she forgot to pay the  bills for her lodgings and her wigs 

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