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Emma Mary White

The 05/05/1822 Baptism record at St Alphege Canterbury of the eldest child of Samuel White and sister of Sarah Augusta Mills Anderson nee White, Samuel Ethelbert White and Adolphus Charles White shows her parents as Samuel (a Carpenter) and Elizabeth Mary of Palace Street, Canterbury.

The 1840 Harts Guide shows two of the Lieutenants of the 41stRegiment of Foot (then serving in the East Indies) as William H H Anderson and Anthony Sadlier – sharing the same mess and dating the ‘White sisters’. They would soon be brothers in law.

Before the Napoleonic Wars new barracks were built in Canterbury and it became the main centre for troops in the South East – with at least two regiments always stationed there.

1841 census Emma is still home at Black Friars, St Alphage, Canterbury

23/02/1844 Marriage at by licence at St John’s Hyde Park London (q1 1844 WHITE Emma Mary = Anthony Sadlier - Kensington 3 241). The address of both is shown as 34 Albion Street. The ceremony is witnessed by father Samuel White and, T Anderson (seemingly Major Thomas Ajax - the father of Anthony’s fellow officer William Henry Hulse who would soon also marry into the White family. On half pay after his service, he is home in England).

The church is “an upmarket address in Hyde Park Crescent , home to a small and quiet Christian congregation most of whom come from the leafy streets around the church to worship in tranquillity away from central London’s noise and dirt”. The Lord Bishop of London, Dr Charles James Blomfield (another relative of the White's) consecrated the chapel in 1832.

The Sadliers were one of the best known families in Tipperary; descended from John Sadleir a seventeenth century Cromwellian adventurer who settled at Ballintemple and died in 1680.

Anthony's Mother was a Lefroy. The book on the ‘Loffroy family’ written by Sir John Henry Lefroy shows that they lived in Cambray Flanders prior to Antoine (Anthony) Lefroy and his two sons moving from Flanders to Canterbury about 1587 at the time of the Duke of Alba’s persecution. A number of the family’s births marriages and deaths are registered in the Walloon Church register at Canterbury.

The book "Notes And Documents Relating To The Family Of Loffroy, By A Cadet [J.H. Lefroy]" “dedicated to The Right Honourable Thomas Lefroy, Late Lord Chief Justice of Queens Bench, eldest lineal descendant of Antoine Lefroy” shows the family lineage right up and including to Emma’s groom Anthony.

Anthony is shown in the 18 Aug 1838 Morning Post joining in the 41st Foot - “Anthony Sadlier, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase” and in 02 Sep 1839 Freeman's Journal - MILITARY PROMOTIONS—WAR-OFFICE, AUG. 30 41st Foot - Ensign Anthony Sadlier to be Lieutenant, by purchase.

Both White Army spouses were sent to Ireland and moved to Roscommon (in fact Major Anderson leased his country house from Anthony Lefroy Sadlier – who lived ‘nearby’). Griffith’s Valuation of Tenements for Tawlaght to the North East of the parish of Kilronan in Roscommon - townlands 5a and b owned by Anthony Lefroy Sadlier, 6 is leased from him by Richard Sadlier and 15 is leased from him by Major W Anderson (sister Sarah’s husband)

(Kilronan Castle was then the home of Earls of Kingston who, in the nineteenth Century included Robert Henry Ethelbert King-Tenison, the 10th Earl. The birth of Harry Ethelbert Wallace Sadlier is also registered in Canterbury in 1865).

The White girls and their spouses effectively joined the ‘ruling’ (oppressing?) class there - those who spent generations living there but would not have classed themselves as Irish. They were the English ruling class; one could now say – the oppressors). Indeed, the initial settlement had been designed to suppress (or even replace) the ‘natives’ and Cromwell and his 12,000 strong army was removing the final Royalists and the rebel Catholics.

At the time of the 1851 census father Samuel White is living with 2 daughters and (Emma’s daughter, his grandchild, ‘Lilla’ Sadlier (who was born in Tipperary) – age 5. Saturday 13 May 1876 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - the Surveyor reported that four (houses the) property of Mrs. Sadlier in New-street, St. Dunstan's ...., had no water on the premises; therefore he had reported upon the same on the forms. Orders were made for the water to be laid on.

Thursday 03 September 1857 Bradford Observer -India – “Cheiraka ...(North East of Delhi) was entrenched, and surrounded by a moat. It was found necessary to make an assault ... under Lieutenant Sadleir, of her Majesty's 61st Foot

Although in 1876 Anthony, now showing himself as Anthony Lefroy Sadlier, of Tawlaght, Drumshanbo, owned 46 acres in Co. Roscommon, the Sadlier family kept their links with Canterbury and in Jan 1890 the papers reported a suggestion of nominating Captain Sadlier for the Westgate seat.

At the time of the 1881 census Emma’s other sister Susannah Harrison White, still a spinster, is living with her niece Elizabeth Sadlier (age 32) and nephew Allan S Sadlier (age 30), Emma's children, in Canterbury and they are showing their ‘occupations’ as ‘retired Captains daughter and son’ and nephew of Susannah (grandchildren of Samuel). Allan was born in Hughanlen Ireland. Susannah and Elizabeth are still in Canterbury in 1891.

?1893 Church Burial Sadlier Emma Co. Roscommon

1901 Ireland Census for Tawlaght, Kilronan, Roscommon shows Anthony, age 81, “Gent Retired/widower” with his daughter.Elizabeth M (55) unmarried and 2 servants.

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