Thursday, 20 March 2014

James Benzie

found on the internet 
In London, at the General Register Office, we searched records of birth and found James BENZIE's name and birthdate - April 16th 1838. We obtained a copy of a birth certificate which stated that his father's name was Robert Hammond BENZIE, described as an Ironmonger, and that he lived in Wiat Street, Maidstone. We found a Wiat (or more properly Wyatt) Street quiet easily and saw some buildings old enough to be the birth place but could not be sure, of course.

The next avenue of enquiry was at the Public records' room. There we consulted directories covering a number of years, commencing 1872. Although several BENZIEs were listed, it was hard to draw many conclusions.

Later, in London again, we were able to sight the will of Robert Hammond BENZIE, father of James BENZIE, who died on 15th December 1858. Effects were under one thousand pounds. he was described as a coal merchant. beneficiaries under the Will were his four sons: the brothers Robert, Simpson, James and George BENZIE.

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