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Nicholas Michell Priaulx

Nicholas Michel Priaulx is the father of Henry Priaulx .
in 1824 he married

Nicholas Michell PRIAULX, Southampton, & Clarinda CORY, Budock, by licence. Min. D. 
Jenkins. Wit: Susan Cock, Penelope Cory, Nicholas Cory

burial: 18 Mei 1847 St. Michael'S, Southampton, Hampshire, England

children from his first marriage to Ann

Name: Anna Michell Priaulx
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 17 Feb 1801
Christening Place: Southampton, Hampshire, England
Father's Name: Nicholas Priaulx
Mother's Name: Anna

Name: Eliza Parnell Priaulx
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 09 Sep 1805
Christening Place: Southampton, Hampshire, England
Father's Name: Nicholas Priaulx
Mother's Name: Anna

And Henry Priaulx born in 1803 in Southampton .

From Nicholas his second marriage 
Name:Penelope Priaulx
Christening Date:31 Oct 1832
Christening Place:Holyrood, Southampton, Hampshire, England

burial:3 Mei 1833Holyrood, Southampton, Hampshire, England

Name:Elizabeth Anne Priaulx
Christening Date:22 Nov 1826
Christening Place:Holyrood, Southampton, Hampshire, England

Name: Peter Rainier
Birth Date: 1813
Age: 63
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Anne Priaulx
Spouse's Birth Date: 1829
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Age: 47
Event Date: 27 Apr 1876
Event Place: Bromley,Kent,England
Father's Name: Peter Rainier
Mother's Name:
Spouse's Father's Name: Nicholas Mitchell Priaulx

Name:Nicholas Cory Priaulx
Christening Date:10 Apr 1830
Christening Place:Holyrood, Southampton, Hampshire, England
burial:15 April 1830Holyrood, Southampton, Hampshire, England

Clarinda Priaulx
burial:16 Februari 1833Holyrood, Southampton, Hampshire, England

Nicholas Michel Priaulx has married Clarinda Cory daughter of Nicholas Cory.
She died 22 July 1824.
Nicholas Cory (Surgeon) married Elizabeth ? Sibley. Nicholas died 1805,Elizabeth died 1848.
All the following children were born at St Mawes but baptized at Truro.
Ch: Nicholas(Rear Admiral) born 1795, died 1864 married Mary Edwards who died 1863.
Mary Cory born 1796 died 1840.
John Tippett Cory born 1798 died 1819.
Elizabeth Wymond Cory born 1800 married Matthew Henry Eade.
Clarinda Cory born 1804 married Nicholas Michell Priaulx.
Penelope Cory born 1805 married Robert Hosking.

There is a memorial to the Cory family in St Just In Roseland church.

have to research this (but since I lost some notes I rather put them in the blog )

04 Nov 1811 Pierre (Guernsey) and Esther Jennes (St Mt)
03 Oct 1817 Nicolas (Gsy) and Marie Poidevin (Gsy)

Gazette de Guernesey Saturday 13 June 1812 (p. 94)

List of Prisoners who are natives of Guernsey or who have a wife and children there, who received a share of the distribution of the £536-18-11 stg. as per the letter from Messrs Mallet & Co. published in our last number:

At Besançon
Pierre Vidamour, David Dorey, Pierre Roberge, Thomas Le Lièvre, William Moon, Jean Gray, James Renouf, George Johnston, Nicolas Langlois, Thomas Grumley, Jean Coombs, Jean Lerraling, Thomas White, Jean Rogers, Jean Marche, William Piesing.

Jean P. Du Port, Nicolas Lihou, Thomas Mahy, Jean Corbet, Jean Rooks, William Holmes, James Brouard, Elizée Tourtel, Jean White, Hélier Marquand, Nicolas Priaulx, Jean Le Sbirel, Jean Laventure, Ph. Leruez, Elisée Le Lacheur.

will of Nicholas Priaulx
Will of Nicholas Priaulx, Merchant of Southampton , Hampshire 28 January 1813
PROB 11/1540/450 national archives

Connection with James Marchant merchant in Rotterdam

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