Monday, 18 July 2016

James Pearman

James Pearman is the father of Mary Kate Pearman .
She married William Samuel Stevens  and  she was the mother of Thomas Pearman Stevens 

The following extract is taken from an 1852 Directory of Oxfordshire

This parish lies on the banks of the Thames, which divides it from Berkshire, and comprises 4,670 acres. Its rateable value is £7,509; and the amount of assessed property is £3,802. The number of its inhabitants in 1831, was 933; and in 1841, 971 souls. The principal proprietors are Henry Philip Powys Esq., Samuel W Gardner Esq., James Morrison Esq., Adam Duff Esq., and James Pearman Esq. The land is chiefly arable. This parish is intersected by the Great Western railway, on which line there is a station about one mile distant from the village.

Ladygrove Farm near Goring Heath
This farm's house lies to the south of the minor road and overlooks the valley, towards Querns. There are a number of farms in this square, being a mixture of at least three different types of farming (sheep, crops and poultry).

The eldest daughter of James Pearman  Ellen-Sarah Pearman married William Atherton Allnatt of Wallingford.son of Charles Atherton Allnatt

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