Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Glebe pottery and Paul Pearman Stevens

Paul Pearman Stevens had a partnership with Agnes Madeline Raper  in the Glebe Pottery .

Agnes Madeline Raper cottage pastille burner 1926. 2 piece burner inscribed underneath: Glebe Chelsea 1926. The base has chips and losses to the flowers on the edge. The cottage has lost the top of its side chimney. On the RH back corner a firing crack has broken and the corner has been re-stuck. It doesn’t really show in a photograph. There are one or two minor chips around the base of the cottage.

The base measures 5.75×3.5 inches.


Madeline Raper cottage pastille burner, 1927. The Glebe Pottery, 29, Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea. 2 piece burner, the side chimney re-stuck but otherwise in perfect condition, inscribed underneath: Glebe – Chelsea 1927. The base measures 6.25×5.5 inches. A few chips to the rocks at the edge of the base.

Glebe Pottery: Chelsea, London (1924-1927) Tower clock

Three  GLEBE POTTERY CHELSEA SCULPTED MODELS OF COTTAGES BY AGNES MADELINE RAPER finely detailed and realistically painted, 10cm w and smaller, incised marks, dated 1930 or 31

Of fine quality in good condition and scarce. No restoration. Sold with a detailed letter from M J Lorie of the dealers Lories Ltd, London to the late owner dated 22 December 1965

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