Monday, 11 July 2016

The brooch


The porcelain hand painted brooch is set in a silver mount with no marks.
All I know is that when my gran showed me these things as teenager she said they were from her mothers family.
I wonder if the brooch is continental.
The hair cut and costume ties in with a date of circ.1820 but that does not mean that was the date it was made.
Note the eye colour is brown, which on porcelain usually means it's not English.
On English portraits the eye colour is usually showed as blue unless of a real person.So this was a new treasure hunt from Gilly.

We found a lot of look a likes .
All handpainted porcelain brooches after a painting by Gustav Richter.

Here is the original painting .

Title:Neapolitan Fisher Boy
Artist:Richter, Gustav Karl Ludwig, 1823-1884
A work by Gustav Karl Ludwig Richter (1823-1884), ‘Neapolitan Fisher Boy’, 1870s (lithograph in the Boston Public Library) 
and a lot of different kind of brooches followed.

The painting was made in 1870 , so the brooch must be made after that.

So far we have not seen a square brooch so "ours " is unique.
Although it is much later .After 1870.
It is possibly brought back from a grand tour as a souvernir.
All we have to do now is to find out who has worn it.

The description of the brooches or pendants is also almost the same .
The painting of the gypsy boy is also known as the Neapolitan fisherboy.
After Gustav Richter, Porcelain Plaque, Boy from Naples, 19th C
Porcelain with polychrome painting
Germany, presumably Dresden, late 19th century
Representation of a Neapolitan fisher boy with open shirt, earring and medallion around his neck
After a work by Gustav Karl Ludwig Richter (1823-1884), ‘Neapolitan Fisher Boy’, 1870s (lithograph in the Boston Public Library)
Oval brass frame and rectangular ebonized wooden frame
Size of the plaque: 8 x 6.5 cm

Frame: 18 x 15 cm Very good condition
This lovely porcelain plaque was made in the second half of the 19th century according to a work of Gustav Karl Ludwig Richter (1823-1884) (lithograph in the Boston Public Library). 
The very finely captured portrait features a Neapolitan fisher boy with an open shirt, an earring, a medallion around his neck and a jacket over his right shoulder. 
His head is turned slightly to his right. 
The portrait delights with its fascinating closeness to nature that is manifested especially in the incarnate and the vivid expression of the child.

Could it be hers ?

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