Saturday, 9 July 2016

the seal

This is the original seal .
It originally had a gold setting but this has long gone .

In the English Vlieland family this  seal is kept and treasured for it was thought to be the crest of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland .
It has been a mysterie how this seal ended up in the Vlieland family.
Well this mysterie is solved 

But the Dutch center for heraldry found out is was the crest of the Lefevre family of Guernsey.
So now the explanation.
The wife of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland  was Frances Elisabeth Samworth.
Daughter of John Samworth.
John Samworth remarried after the death of the mother of Frances .
He married Elisabeth Bride , widow of Charles Lefebure on 8 December 1808 at St Alphage Church Greenwich when she was 48 years old
She is described as late Elizabeth Lefebure widow

The seal must have past down in the family to Frances Elisabeth Samworth and and with the passage of time came in the Vlieland family.
So that was the story of the seal .

And then one day you look on the site of the Priaulx library and you see this.


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