Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cornelis Friland

first name(s): Cornelius
Last name Friland
Year 1799
Nationality France
Service number -
Rank -
Ship name -
Prison camp or ship Yarmouth
Country of imprisonment England
Conflict Napoleonic Wars
Archive The National Archives
Archive reference ADM 103/463
Document details Register of POWs, Yarmouth, 1793-1798
Record set Prisoners of War 1715-1945
Category Military, armed forces & conflict
Regimental & service records
Collections from Great Britain

First name(s)Cornelius
Last nameFriland
Nationality France
Service number-
Ship name-
Prison camp or ship Yarmouth
Country of imprisonment England
Conflict Napoleonic Wars
Archive The National Archives
Archive reference ADM 103/463
Document details Register of POWs, Yarmouth, 1793-1798
Record set Prisoners of War 1715-1945

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