Friday, 25 November 2016

oil on the waves

Many years ago the fishermen of Noordwijk did what we only know as a proverb.
They poored oil on the waves to have a smooth sea.
We found it in a book from 1786
The Herringfishermen of Katwijk , Noordwijk and more had some cans of lampoil or a keg of train oil  on their trip .
The laid the cans near the scuppers and this way the oil dripped calmly in the sea.
The sea instantly calms down and heaves but does not fall any more.
Some of the fishermen recomment a quarter of trainoil. It  is enough to make a layer to level the sea from Noordwijk to England.
Also in this book we find more advise and information on how to poor oil on the waves.

You can drill a hole in the stop of the oilbottle and hang it on the front of your ship .or poor it in old stockings.
On the returntrip the fat of the herring mingles with seawater and gives it a smooth surface.

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