Wednesday, 23 November 2016

De Hoop or Hope or Hoffnung

We found de Hoop, a ship also captured on the same day on the Doggerbank as Elisabeth.
You can see that Ary Cornelis Vlieland  lost his life in this action and died in hospital .

The crewmembers on the Hoop (in Prussian or German  Hoffnung) were 
Cornelis Hendriks Wassenaar
Gijsbert A Ouwehand
Cornelis Baert visser 
Arie Cornelis Vrieland 
In the National Archives the originals are kept, but they are to fragile to scan or copy ,.so we will have to go their one day and see for ourselves ,because from some strange reason ,you are allowed to see and touch it ,but it cannot be scanned or copied ,it is to fragile for that.
And just for that answer you have to pay 9 Pound each.
The good news is ....They can be copied .......
tToday we received the price for the scans  of  these 3  bundles..
IThe estimate is 256 Pound each .
Which means You will not see the originals in this blog as 768 pounds for some  30 pages of copies, even we like to know what is in it , it is to expensive.

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